X-Men Legacy #251

X-Men Legacy #251 Commentary

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X-Men Legacy #251

Mike Carey’s X-Men Legacy is turning out to be one of my favorite X-Men runs of all time. His take on the mutants has been blowing me away since he made Cyclops give Rogue her own team of X-Men. That was back in X-Men #188 (“Legacy” was added to the title with #208). Now we’re at X-Men Legacy #251 and he’s still firing on all cylinders. We’re in the middle of a story where Legion is trying to reclaim several of his rogue personalities — long story — with the help of Rogue, Magneto, Professor X, Gambit and Frenzy. There’s a great mix of characterization and action here. Everything feels fresh thanks to this odd and highly volatile grouping.

As for the art, I love Khoi Pham’s rough sketchy pencils. It has a gritty feel to it but it still looks clean. He might have gone lazy on some of the backgrounds, but given that he was required to draw an entire army of Chain — one of Legion’s rogue personalities — that’s just a small gripe on my part.

X-Men Legacy #251 - Magneto and Rogue

You’re talking to Rogue and frickin’ Magneto, fool!

Among this lot of characters, Frenzy is the one that stands out for me. Simply because I’m not familiar with her. Of course I know she used to be one of the Acolytes, but beyond that, her character is entirely new to me. I find her infatuation with Cyclops and newfound urge to become a hero fascinating. Also, I love her role as the pain in the ass member of the group.

X-Men Legacy #251 - Legion, Frenzy and Gambit

Rogue, usually the star of the X-Men Legacy show, doesn’t do much here but she has a couple of cool moments. Magneto, however, steals the show — for me, at least. Since he came back to join the X-Men, he usually just acts as one of the generic heavy hitters on the field or as a trusted advisor to Cyclops in the war room. Here, we see him as Cyclops’ insurance policy.

X-Men Legacy #251

Well said, Gumbo.

We get reminded that he’s a force of nature. We clearly see him now as a good soldier under Cyclops’ command. He’s the kill switch in case Legion needs to be taken down. In a way, he’s this group’s Wolverine. The Master of Magnetism taking orders from Cyclops is something that I will always love about this era of the X-Men.

X-Men Legacy #251 - Kill Switch

The resolution of the main conflict of this issue doesn’t quite have the impact I was expecting after the suspenseful events of X-Men Legacy #250, but the beef of the story lies within the interaction between all the combustible elements in this pack of mutants. The only real complaint I have is Legion’s hair. Somebody should give him a haircut or something. Also, a cool costume would be nice.


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