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Hi! My name is Gino and this is Collectiboss.com.

This website is both an online store and a blog. In the Shop you’ll find Funko Pop! vinyl figures for sale with more on the way — not just Pops, but other collectibles as well. In the Blog you’ll find news and other random articles about the world of collectibles.

I was supposed to launch this site before Christmas 2014, but I figured the start of 2015 would be more, I don’t know, meaningful? Relevant? Apropos? But I encountered some technical difficulties in developing the site. My web development skills are a bit rusty since it’s been years since I built a website from the ground up, but hey, I made it!

I have been thinking of putting up my own business for a while now and I was just waiting for the right idea. It came a couple of months ago when I realized that I’m in love with Funko Pop! vinyl figures. I started casually collecting in 2013 and this year, I really got into it. And with the popularity of Pop reaching fever pitch in the Philippines, I thought “YES! THAT’S THE IDEA!” And here we are.

Also, if you’re asking, yes, I am an official Funko retailer associated with Arigatoys, the official distributor of Funko products in the Philippines. I would like to thank them for the assist as well as the members of the Funko Pop Funatics Philippines, especially those who became my Facebook friends and those I actually met outside the Internet. You guys are awesome.

Thank you for dropping by! Take a look around and see if you find something you like. I hope to see you again here soon. Happy new year!

Bumping your fist,

Gino Carteciano

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