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Weekly Haul #7: Movements

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Ahh. Do you smell that? The smell of change. Of development. Of movement. And it’s all around me. And I love it with all my constantly-in-flux heart.

Several of my brethren in UPLB MASS are graduating in a few weeks’ time. A cause for celebration and intoxication, which will start next week when we’ll invade Ilocos for a good ol’ fashioned summer out-of-town beachfest. Road Trip!

Another cause for celebration is the end of my probationary period in my current job. Yes, ladies and gentlefreaks, I am now regularized. And with this change in my employment status comes a few more changes in responsibilities and nature of tasks. I can’t wait.

Finally, the recent transformation of my social life from “totally non-existent” to “Holy shit, what day is it?! I’m drunk again! Yeah!” is requiring me to cut back on my comic book consumption and focus more on accumulating loads of cash for my beer fund. Priorities, priorities.

It’s just so refreshing to see things moving again.

And with that sentimental crap over, I now present to you this week’s haul. SPOILERS blah blah.

52 #46 52 #46: Last issue, Black Adam decimated an entire country, killing over two million people. This issue, he gets his ass handed to him by a bunch of mad scientists. Yeah. W-T-F indeed.

The Luthor bit is boring. So much so that I wish they just spent those pages with Renee Montoya’s story, which is also boring.

After a few weeks of always hitting the ball out of the park, this week’s issue fumbles and is just plain blah.

And just when we need a really interesting backup origin story, they show us Batman’s. It’s already been told kwajabillion times! Ugh.

I give this 2 out of 5 lame references to “Smallville”.

brave and the bold #2 The Brave & the Bold #2: I almost didn’t get this one, but the lure of George Perez’ pencils and Supergirl’s sexy little tummy is just irresistible.

Things are getting more interesting, and I think I’m going to stick with this arc until it finishes. And I really can’t pass up seeing George Perez’ detailed work. Every panel is just so busy, yet it still looks clean. All hail The Perez!

The writing’s not bad too. It’s fun to see Hal Jordan trying really hard not to hit on the hot Kryptonian. “She’s seventeen. 17. 17. 17.” Funny, that’s how I sound around college chicks.

I give this 4 out of 5 sexy alien masseuses.

civil war: battle damage reportCivil War: Battle Damage Report: This one’s a dense read. Basically, Tony Stark, the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., wrote this report addressed to the president of the United States.

This is a great way for those who missed the whole shebang to get an overview of the whole Civil War event, and a look into what’s coming up in the Marvel Universe.

Since I didn’t pick up all Civil War tie-ins, this dossier provided me with info about the different story lines that ran alongside the main story. Groovy.

By reading this, I got a greater view of what the fuck just happened, and I reached a conclusion: Tony Stark was right. Registration is the way to go. I’m with Iron Man!

I give this 4 out of 5 middle fingers for those who didn’t register. Those dogs.

justice society of america #4 Justice Society of America #4: Awesome. Simply awesome. First, Dale Eaglesham does it again. Ultra detailed art, dynamic movements, and kick-ass fight scenes! Oh, don’t forget the hot chicks! He draws hot chicks. Even Liberty Belle, with stupid-looking pants, looks so damn fine. I’d like to ring her bell. Har!

The JSA kicks nazi butt! Vandal Savage is defeated by a fire truck (seriously)! This issue just cements its place in my pull list. *sigh*

In just four issues, this title kicks the Justice League of America book’s ass. And speaking of the JLA, next month will be the start of the JLA/JSA crossover. Sweet.

I give this 5 out of 5 multiple heroes sharing the same name.

ultimate power #4Ultimate Power #4: First of all, if I knew that Brian Michael Bendis wouldn’t be writing the whole 9-issue series, I wouldn’t have picked this up. I hate J. Michael Straczynski. I’m sure he’s a good fellow, but I’m not a fan of his writing.

The art looks good though. But I’m getting tired of looking at Greg Land’s perfect women. Seriously. I mean, I love hot chicks, and Land can draw them as hot as you can imagine them, but I dunno. It’s so… fake.

Considering that next issue will be featuring a fight between Thor and Hyperion, I’m still seriously thinking of dropping this title. I hate that Straczynski guy.

I give this 2 out of 5 unnecessary banter.

x-23: target x #4X-23: Target X #4: Hot scary berserker girl, meet your hot scary sadist handler. Now kick each other’s hot ass while I watch! Yeah! Aherm. Sorry.

We get to see the history between X-23 and her handler/tormentor, Kimura. As expected, it’s bloody, messy, and hot. Just the way the doctor recommended.

Lots of action, graceful ass-kicking, and berserker bad-assery! I think I’m getting sad since the mini-series will soon be coming to a close. *sad*

It’s like knowing when your girlfriend will dump you for a bigger, badder, and less loser-like comic book geek. How could you, X-23?! How could you?!

I give this 4 out of 5 graceful adamantium blade slashes to the neck.

x-factor #17X-Factor #17: Jamie Madrox tries to absorb another one of his dupes. This time, the dupe is a bad-ass detective. Kudos to writer Peter David for the funny jab at Batman and Robin.

The art is OK, thanks to fill-in artist Khoi Pham, but I miss regular artist Pablo Raimondi’s moody and expressive art.

It seems that X-Factor is getting itself in deep shit with the government and a terrorist group called X-Cell. Plus, Quicksilver may be appearing more often in the next few issues, which will be interesting. I freakin’ love this book.

I give this 4 out of 5 yummy “smelly arm pits”.

x-men #197X-Men #197: I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon and his Astonishing X-Men run, so I’m hating myself already for what I’m about to say: Mike Carey’s X-Men is the best main X-book out there right now.

There’s a lot going on, and every plot, main or sub, is just so dense and interesting. Plus, the interaction between team members are gold. Rogue’s condition, Mystique and Iceman’s flirtations, Sabretooth being constantly watched by the rest of the X-Men, and the arrival of a Mummudrai. All gold.

And thank goodness Chris Bachalo’s back. And thank goodness also for Lady Mastermind. I see her as a younger, and maybe even hotter, Emma Frost. Mwreowrrr.

I give this 5 out of 5 ominous shots of the blue sky.

As a result of my pull list cutback, I didn’t pick up Ms. Marvel #13, which my comic shop reserved for me. Sorry guys, beer comes first. I also didn’t pick up Birds of Prey #104, not because of the cutback, but because I forgot. Dammit!

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  1. i have a whole laundry list of things to do (all non-paying thank you very much)
    -bathe the dog.
    and yet i felt compelled to check on my buddy.
    (that's baddie with sayad)

    congratulations on the job movement and the increasing beer fund.
    on your road trip to ilocos–be sure to go to pagudpud ilocos. the beach is beautiful and to my knowledge still pretty clean.

  2. Aww. Thanks, Chesca! And we'll surely go to Pagudpud next week. A trip to Ilocos won't be complete without going there, after all.

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