Weekly Haul #3

Weekly Haul #3: NYCC ’07

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weekly haul #3

It’s been such a busy news week in the world of comics, thanks to the New York Comic Convention 2007, I don’t know where to start. DC elaborated on its new and upcoming weekly series, Countdown. It will immediately follow DC’s current kick-ass weekly series, 52. Countdown will mainly focus on 5 storylines: Jimmy Olsen’s, Mary Marvel’s, the search for Ray “The Atom” Palmer, 2 villains forced to work together, and most probably Darkseid kicking everybody’s ass. It will also serve as a “spine” for the whole DC Universe for a whole year as it reflects what’s happening everywhere in the DCU in “real time”. Sweeeet.

Over at Marvel, they’ve got big plans for the fallout of Civil War, which ended this past week. The Initiative will span the whole Marvel Universe and will introduce a host of new heroes and villains. Other than a new Fantastic Four, a superhero team per American state, and Tony Stark being the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel fans will be treated to another interesting piece of smashing Marvel goodness: the Hulk’s return. In World War Hulk, the jade giant will be hunting down the douchebags who sent him to space, and I hope he smashes their puny heads like grapes. I can’t wait.

I’ll stop giggling in excitement now and let you peruse my thoughts on this week’s haul. And like always, SPOILERS ahoy!

52 #4252 #42: I guess it’s a lock that Renee Montaya will be the new Question. I like the old dead one better. Meh.

Finally, after weeks of speculation, the helmet of Dr. Fate “guiding” Ralph Dibny in his journey to re-unite with his dead wife is revealed to be an impostor. He’s none other than that creepy magician, Felix Faust. Crazy!

I’ve never seen Ralph Dibny so bad-ass. He’s been playing Faust all along. And he’s been drinking Gingold too. He even traps the creepy magician and Neron in the Tower of Fate. Everything would have been fine and dandy if Ralph wasn’t killed, though. Still, bad-ass.

I give this 4 out of 5 disorienting plot twists.

birds of prey #103Birds of Prey #103: I can’t believe I didn’t discover how great a writer Gail Simone is until just a couple of months ago. Ever since I picked up my first issue of Birds of Prey, it has never let me down.

A nice flashback gives us an interesting look into the past of Oracle and Spy Smasher. It’s a great start for an issue full of fun surprises like Manhunter not actually working with the Birds, and the ending of a weird rescue mission.

This is the first time I’ve had fun seeing a group of hot women not getting naked and squirting oil all over each other’s bo… oh-kaaay.

I give this 5 out of 5 hot girls wanting to take over the mob.

brave and the bold #1The Brave & the Bold #1: Since I already set my mind on getting The Immortal Iron Fist #3, plus the fact that my comic shop under-ordered the damn book, I was left with an open slot in my weekly haul mind list. So I gave this new DC book a try. It’s not awesome, but it’s cool nonetheless.

I’ve never read anything starring Hal Jordan before, and I’m surprised that I’m enjoying him here.

I’ll get the rest of the first arc since this first issue intrigues me. And I always enjoy seeing George Perez’ art ever since I saw it on his previous stint on the Avengers with Kurt Busiek.

I give this 3 out of 5 weird talking aliens.

civil war #7Civil War #7: Marvel’s big-ass event finally came to a close with a deafening “what the?!” from the fans. Seriously, if I didn’t know that it was Joss Whedon’s idea to make Captain America surrender, I would’ve hated it. But I’m his bitch so I’ll just say “well, I didn’t expect that“.

The whole mini-series felt like it was just a series of cool moments compiled together. For the real meat of the story, you have to read the dozens of tie-ins. Ugh. Smart marketing, though.

If there’s one thing that kept me coming back after the mini let me down at around issue #3, it’s Steve McNiven. The guy’s art kicks major ass! Anyhoo, it wasn’t the ending fans expected, but I agree with Marvel that it’s the ending that makes the most sense.

I give this 3 out of 5 smashed Clor heads.

new avengers: illuminati #2New Avengers: Illuminati #2: A month ago, if I told myself that Reed Richards is one scary mothafucka, I would’ve told myself “Self, you’re stupid”. But who’s stupid now, self? Huh? Who’s stupid now?!!! Ahem.

Brian Bendis gives us a scary Mr. Fantastic in this issue. Reed goes behind the rest of the Illuminati and tries to collect the Infinity Gems. When he couldn’t handle it by himself anymore, he asks for help. And he scares the living crap out of the rest of the Illuminati.

Also, this is the first time that I’ve been really creeped out by Uatu, the Watcher. What a creepy giant bald guy.

I give this 4 out of 5 crazy ass smiles of Reed Richards.

punisher war journal #4Punisher War Journal #4: I’m not a Mike Deodato fan, but this fill-in issue of his might change my mind. I have to read more issues of Thunderbolts to get a conclusion.

The Punisher is sooo bad-ass. First, he kills Stilt Man. And now, he poisons all the villains in Stilt Man’s wake, which happens to be in a bar, with Stilt guy’s corpse laid out on two pool tables. After that, he blows them all up! If that’s not bad-ass, I’m a monkey in a clown suit typing on a typewriter.

Spider-Man drops by for a couple of funny and touching moments. And also, a Doombot says “Kneel before Doom!!!” a lot. Matt Fraction, you’re my new favorite writer!

I give this 5 out of 5 fake mustaches.

she-hulk #16She-Hulk #16: I’m starting to warm up to Rick Burchett and his quirky pencils. And I’m starting to think that maybe I spoke too soon about Matt Fraction being my new favorite writer, because Dan Slott is bringing the fun into my comic book cholesterol-ravaged heart.

What do you get when a gamma-irradiated beauty, a hairy mutant, and a cursed monster, all with a healing factor, do the punch-the-face dance? A slobberknocker. It’s so much fun to see She-Hulk and Wolverine bring down the Wendigo in a gory fashion, followed by a corny punchline that becomes funny anyway because of the visual gag.

One thing grossed me out though. She-Hulk hits on Wolverine at least twice in this issue. That’s not sexy. But it’s all drowned out by the sheer awesomeness of a “fastball special” delivered by Shulkie. Awesome.

I give this 5 out of 5 out-of-place plays by Shakespeare.

silent war #2Silent War #2: Frazer Irving’s visuals continue to be intriguing and creepy with this issue. I mean, Maximus the Mad always seemed to be dorky to me. But here, with David Hine’s words and Irving’s haunting images, I now see Maximus as one scary lunatic.

David Hine also gets my kudos for making Sentry interesting and mildly funny. The character was always written as a bitchy emo whiner, but here, he’s actually someone who can stand as Marvel’s pseudo Superman.

Quicksilver enters the scene and he’s never looked more menacing. And gross. Crystal shards are actually lodged all over his chest. Just looks… eww.

I give this 4 out of 5 wet giant teleporting dogs.

That’s a lot of comic book goodness for one week. And I can’t believe things will be getting more interesting after the end of Civil War and 52. It almost makes me forget that I don’t have a social life. I need beer. Immediately.

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  2. i don't know what the hell you're talking about, but i guess i can relate vicariously through my boyfriend, whom i accompany every freaking week to comic quest to pick up his installment of 52, among others. many others. what is it with men, nay, boys and comics, er, graphic chenes? lol but the fascination is quite endearing.

  3. wow, superheroes convention! Hehe! pero ndi talaga ako maka relate sa mga comics stuff.. ndi kasi ako fan.. I did read Xmen when I was younger.. HAHAHA!

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