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Weekly Haul #11: My Name is Drinky

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Just call me Drinky. I’m slowly putting a stop to this weekly comic book addiction. Well, not actually stopping it. More like controlling it. I’m trying to limit my comic book purchases to Php1,000 a week. Maybe after that, I can totally remove weekly hauls. But that doesn’t mean I’m quitting comics altogether. I just need more beer money.

In line with this mission, I’m not picking up new monthlies and even minis. I’m planning to just go for the trades. And maybe just a few can’t-miss monthlies. As a testament to my loyalty to this mission, I managed to stay clear of DC’s Countdown, which is the company’s follow-up weekly series to 52. Yay for me!

Anyhoo, on to this week’s haul. With SPOILERS, as usual.

the immortal iron fist #5The Immortal Iron Fist #5: Things are getting really interesting with the Iron Fist mythos. It is revealed that the Iron Fist is a part of 7 immortal weapons assigned to each of the 7 cities of Heaven. And here I was thinking it was all kung fu bullshit.

I never knew 2 Iron Fist dudes fighting Hydra agents can be so fun and exciting. And next issue, there will be a bigger fight, probably involving the Daughters of the Dragon and Luke Cage. Awesome.

Awesome line: “Drunken wasp sting. Good fortune thunder kick. Brooklyn headbutt.” – Danny Rand showing off his extensive kung fu arsenal

Rating: 4 out of 5 exploding underground trains.

marvel zombies: dead daysMarvel Zombies: Dead Days: First of all, that double gatefold cover, which is a zombified version of the X-Men #1 cover, totally kicks arse. Cyclops’ optic blast via his detached head? Priceless.

Robert Kirkman brings us this one-shot featuring the story of the day when everything went to hell for the Marvel Universe. We see Spider-Man eating Mary Jane and Aunt May, the Avengers eating Jarvis, and Mr. Fantastic going to the deep end and infecting his teammates with the zombie virus, thinking it’s humanity’s destiny. What a douche.

Awesome line: “Come on in, we saved you a piece.” – Zombie Hawkeye offering Zombie Hank Pym a juicy piece of Jarvis, the Avengers’ butler

Rating: 4 out of 5 exploding Zombie She-Hulk heads

new avengers #30New Avengers #30: After months of fan speculation as to who the new Ronin really is, we finally get to know this issue. The new Ronin is Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye. It would have been an awesome reveal if not for the fact that it was already expected. Anyway, it’s good that we all got that out of the way because the Ronin mystery has already become a joke among the fanboys.

After all the standing around and the endless talking, the end of the issue finally shows us some action when Echo seemingly becomes a full-fledged member of The Hand after sticking a sword in Dr. Strange. Interesting issue, but not great.

Awesome line: “So, what are you guys? The new Defenders?” – Hawkeye wondering why these group of heroes are gathered together

Rating: 3 out of 5 whiny Iron Man speeches.

punisher war journal #7 Punisher War Journal #7: Man, Ariel Olivetti’s art looks awesome. It completely complements the awesome writing of Matt Fraction. This title has yet to disappoint me, that’s why it’s going to remain on my pull list as long as I have a pull list.

Also, Frank Castle versus a bull! A freaking bull! And he knocks it down with a huge piece of wood. Sweet. Aside from being awesomed by Frank’s kick-assery, I also learned a lot about Mexican migration into the US. Seriously. It’s edutainment!

Awesome line: “You think that’s all it’ll take to kill Captain America?” – The Punisher to a firing squad of white supremacists ready to give him a rain of bullets

Rating: 5 out of 5 fake tattoos on real muscles.

thunderbolts #114Thunderbolts #114: This title is getting better and better, and it was a good read since the arc started! Aside from Warren Ellis’ awesome depiction of “criminals with badge”, Mike Deodato’s art is becoming more and more phenomenal. That scene where Venom smashes a car is insane!

This is, by far, my favorite issue of the arc. Nicely written characters duking it out in nicely drawn fight scenes. And speaking of fights, the fight in this issue is way better than the Thunderbolts’ mugging of Jack Flag. Also, no Tommy Lee Jones this issue! Yay!

Awesome line: “Whose side are you on?” – The Steel Spider asking American Eagle if he’s going to walk out on him against the T-Bolts

Rating: 5 out of 5 torn pieces of Moonstone’s arm.

That’s a small but satisfying haul this week. My wallet is smiling right now.

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