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Watch The Middleman and Be ROCKED

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The Middleman is a new TV series based on a comic book by Javier Grillo-Marxuach. It’s about a secret agency that deals with “exotic problems” like talking gorillas, evil terracotta warriors, and vengeful luchadores. It sounds silly, but it’s a smart amalgamation of comedy and science fiction. I totally loved the first two episodes, and after I saw the third one, it dawned on me: This is quite possibly the most awesome TV show in the history of all that you know. I suggest you all watch the show and be ROCKED. If you need to be convinced, let me spoil the aforementioned third episode for you:

The Middleman (Matt Keeslar) is one swell guy, but he does need a helping hand once in a while. That’s where his trusty sidekick, Wendy (Natalie Morales), comes in.

Natalie Morales’ style of deadpan humor makes her an unstoppable force of charisma. If she’s not attractive enough for you, there’s her roommate, Lacey (Brit Morgan), who is equally endearing. And blonde.

In this episode, Wendy is tasked to escort The Middleman’s luchador mask-wearing celibate master of the martial arts mentor, Sensei Ping, who just flew in from China. He doesn’t like to talk about his age, his mask, and the Clan of the Pointed Stick. He’s awesome.

All is sort of going well until a gang of masked Mexican wrestlers looking for vengeance ambushes Wendy and Sensei Ping, leading to Sensei Ping’s capture. This upsets The Middleman, so he benches Wendy for this major foul-up while he tries to set things right by going after the vengeful luchadores.

Wendy, with the help of her ultra hot roommate, manages to device a plan to locate Sensei Ping. Lacey gives Wendy a disguise and the helpful mantra “Slutty, but sweet.” and sends her off to interrogate the vengeful luchadores at the Booty Chest, the pirate-themed sports bar with scantily clad waitresses.

Wendy finds out the dastardly plot of the luchadores and then she gets her ass handed to her. Also, The Middleman gets suckered into a trap. It’s now up to Wendy to step up and rescue both Sensei Ping and The Middleman, but not before talking about a cute guy with Lacey who is now wearing a yellow teddy bear costume.

Wendy travels to Mexico via a harrier vertical take-off fighter jet, from which she gets remotely ejected by The Middleman’s robot secretary, Ida, who’s a total bitch.

Meanwhile, inside the Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl

The Middleman faces one hundred identical luchadores who wear the same mask to save the life of Sensei Ping!

The odds are against him, but just as The Middleman is about to tap out, Wendy makes the save and frees Sensei Ping. The celibate master of the martial arts takes off his mask and kicks the collective ass of the henchmen luchadores, Bruce Lee style!

And he takes care of the big boss luchadore with the Wu Hong Thumb of DEATH.

Sensei Ping settles a blood feud, The Middleman earns his mentor’s respect, Wendy gets her first paycheck, and I get a new TV crush.

The end. Seriously, you have got to watch this show! That is all.


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  2. as soon as i finish downloading porn I will download middleman!

  3. I read 'exotic problems' as 'erotic problems' and got..uhh excited.

    But srsly, this show ROCKS!


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