Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover: No More Silhouettes

When I was trying to figure out who the shadows are in the Uncanny X-Men #1 teaser, I said I saw Magneto, Namor and possibly Magik and Colossus. Also, I hoped that the pair of feet behind Emma Frost was Cyclops. Now, thanks to a leak, I know that Magneto, Magik and Colossus are indeed in that image. Most importantly, that pair of feet really is Cyclops. YES! I got Namor wrong, though. What I thought was Namor’s silhouette is actually Danger’s. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this group which I assume is not the complete Uncanny X-Men roster.

X-Men: Regenesis - Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover

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  • http://andybriones.blogspot.com/ Visual Velocity

    Damn, Emma Frost's costume gets skimpier and skimpier each year. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes totally nude. lol

    Nice to see Magik in the roster! Love her sword.

    • http://bigbaddie.com Baddie

      This is actually a more conservative Emma Frost with pants. Heh.

  • http://blog.ademagnaye.com Ade

    … WTF happened to Colossus?

    • http://bigbaddie.com Baddie

      Cytorrak Juggernautified him so he could fight the Worthy-fied Juggernaut.

  • http://www.larrycayco.com Larry

    Scott oh Scott am I glad to see you!

  • Richy Woo

    Piotr's face is flesh , not steel…


    • http://bigbaddie.com Baddie

      Only in this leak. In the official Marvel reveal, his face is also steel.

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