Top 5 Lists #2 of 10: PS2 Games

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I don’t have the time to play all my Playstation 2 games these days, due to the fact that I’m slowly regaining my social life. But I can still remember a couple of months ago that my life revolved around work, driving to and from work, eating, sleeping, reading comics, and playing games on my PS2. And during that time, I had a few favorites that deprived me of much wanted sleep. And here they are:

#5: Rumble Roses – I love pro-wrestling. I love hot women. Although I would prefer to wrestle hot women, I’m happy with making (and sometimes just watching) them wrestle half-naked in a wrestling ring or a puddle of mud. Call me a perv if you want, but I think this game is genius! I mean, come on. I wasn’t surprised that it got a sequel even though there’s nothing special about its gameplay. It’s all about the hot busty ladies doing mind-boggling moves to each other.

#4: X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse – I wasn’t able to play the original X-Men Legends game, and this one made me regret it. It’s fairly obvious that I’m a comic book geek, so seeing a bunch of X-Men characters move around and speak using awesome voices is already heaven for me. Add to that an addicting gameplay and an open-ended story, and voila! Mutant magic at the palm of my hands.

#3: Kingdom Hearts 2 – I gave this a try just to see what the fuck this “cute” game is all about, and I was honestly surprised. Honestly. It has a lot of heart and depth. There are some parts that’re boring, but it just looks so pretty and kick-ass. Its theme song got stuck in my poor hollow head for weeks like a dirty piece of celebrity gossip. This is another sequel that made me regret that I didn’t play the first one.

#2: Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 – I love pro-wrestl… whoa. Deja vu. Anyway, I love pro-wrestling. And believe me when I say that this may probably be the best damn wrestling game ever! Well, until Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008 gets released. There’s a lot of depth in the game modes here. I can spend weeks (literally) playing the Season Mode. And then there’s the General Manager Mode where I can play god. I love this game.

#1: Marvel Ultimate Alliance – If there’s one thing I love more than pro-wrestling, it’s the wonderful world of comics. MUA’s gameplay closely resembles (heck, if you put them side by side, you can say they’re just the same) that of X-Men Legends 2, but you gotta multiply it tenfold when you get to throw Captain America’s shield in several cool ways. For a comic book geek like me, and a Marvel zombie at that, this game is just simply orgasmic. Did I say orgasmic? I meant cosmic. Yeah whatever.

Dammit. Now I miss spending all my free time playing games featuring men in tights and half-nekkid women covered in mud. I need a girlfriend.

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  1. God of War! God of War 2! @@

    please play those. would like to know what you think.. =)

    i LOVE Kratos. ooohhh… am itching to play again tuloy. tsk.

  2. Hi. And you are…? LOL

    When I get the chance, I'll play those. Actually, once I find an apartment, I'll invite you over to play. PS2. Play PS2. Ahahahhawwwwmmmkay.

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