Nicolas Cage - Superman

Super Late Thoughts On The Man Of Steel Trailer

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I know, I know. The trailer, by which I mean the second official one because I don’t know where to find the first, for Man of Steel has been around for almost two months now but I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it. Maybe I was too busy with my new job and new living accommodation. Maybe I’m not interested in seeing it because the last Supermovie sucked. Maybe I’m not that into Superman in the first place.

Whatever it was that stopped me from digging around YouTube and watching this Man of Steel trailer, I got over it. Also, I learned today that the production of the Justice League movie, which still seems to be having some trouble finding its footing, may depend on the success of Man of Steel. That piqued my interest — a lot. I mean, if this thing fails, there goes the Justice League movie.

You know what else got my attention? An alleged photo of Nicolas Cage in a Superman costume has been floating around the Internet for the last couple of days and it’s supposed to be from Tim Burton’s Superman movie that never saw the light of day.

Nicolas Cage - Superman

He probably would have fought bees from the Phantom Zone. It would have been glorious!

I guess today is a good day as any to finally watch the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Superman movie. Here are my thoughts:

(0:15) Why is Superman floating in the water like he just fought a hurricane made of Kryptonite? Did he actually fight a hurricane made of Kryptonite? If so, then that would be cool.

(0:47) At first glance, I actually thought that was the dude from Smallville at the back of the bus. Good job, casting people. Or slowly degenerating vision.

(0:52) LENS FLARE! Ugh.

(1:01) Did Kevin Costner just tell Young Clark that letting kids die a horrible, watery death inside a bus is OK? Surely there’s more to that statement than what this trailer is telling us.

(1:14) Wow, I’ve never seen Superman’s cape like that. It’s so… regal. I think this is my favorite version of Superman’s cape.

(1:47) Ah, that’s the stuff! Finally, explosions! I don’t see punching and hitting, though. I hope they’re just saving that for future trailers or the actual movie.

(1.59) Oh. Superman with a beard. Will they actually show us how he would get rid of it? I’ve seen him in the comics shaving his facial hair using heat vision after he came back from the dead (it was the ’90s). I hope they do that in the movie too. For the lulz.

(2:03) It’s a hurricane! Is it made of Kryptonite?!

(2:12) I’m starting to see Henry Cavill as a convincing Superman but I’m still not sure how I feel about Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

(2:23) Man, what is up with that S-shield? It just looks weird.

We’re still a long way from June so there’s probably a few more trailers and teasers heading our way. More stuff to turn us off or on. In the meantime, I say things are looking great*.

* I’m just saying that because I’m trying to convince myself that this movie will finally kickstart the Justice League one.



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