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Thor: Reign of Blood, Ended Runs, and Other Face-Rocking Comics

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Yes, I’m bringing the noise back into this blog. And when I say “noise”, I mean “comic books and other geeky stuff”. I bought a lot of comics last week so I thought now’s the best time to force some comics goodness down your unsuspecting throats. Also, I just closed Face Rockery, so, yeah. There’s that. And here we go:

Thor: Reign of Blood – The second Thor one-shot from my current man-crush, Matt Fraction, has everything I loved about the first one. Violence! Trickery! Cruel gods! Sexy goddesses! All-around awesomeness! Seriously, Thor piloting the Blood Colossus to smite the vast army of the undead while it’s raining blood? That’s so bad ass it should be illegal.

On the art side of things, Khari Evans didn’t really do it for me in the first part of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s ugly. There’s just not enough grit in there to make the story perfect. For the second half of the issue, I totally loved Victor Olazaba’s handiwork. I’d like to see him take on a regular Marvel gig. Bottom line is this comic rocked my face and I can’t wait for Thor: Man of War.


Thunderbolts #121: I am saddened with the fact that this is the last issue of Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato’s run. I will miss Ellis’ twisted and fun take on Marvel’s motley crew of psychos. I hate to say this, but I’ll also miss how Deodato draws Norman Osborn with the likeness of Tommy Lee Jr.

For a run’s last issue, I expected more out of Ellis. I mean, I loved the showdown between the Green Goblin and Songbird, and how Bullseye returned as a sick deus ex machina, but I don’t know. I just felt there could’ve been more. Maybe this is Ellis saying “Always leave them wanting more. HAHAHA!”

I don’t know if I’ll pick up Christos Gage’s run that will start next issue. It just wouldn’t be the same reading this group of crazies without Ellis at the helm.

Runaways #30 – As far as I know, we won’t be seeing a comic written by Joss Whedon for a while. So this is a bittersweet read for me.

Whedon’s last issue of his Runaways run is full of his staple wit, humor, and drama. From Molly’s funny one-liners to the depressing fate of Lillie, it’s a very satisfying ending for a very strange yet fun arc.

With the addition of Klara to the roster, she brings a double dose of innocence and charm to the book. I’d like to read more about her and her surely entertaining adventures with the rest of the Runaways, but I’ll probably pass on the book’s relaunch in August. Why? Two words: “Humberto” and “Ramos”. God I hate his drawings. I wish they just kept Michael Ryan on the book.

The Immortal Iron Fist #16 – I will miss Matt Fraction and David Aja on this book. Really. This was the first book I picked up just for the sake of trying out something new that I stuck with this long. Well, with the exception of Punisher War Journal, which coincidentally is another Matt Fraction book. I love that guy. <3

This is a pretty quiet issue. Not one kung fu kick to the face in sight. There is, however, a cameo of Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, and they were in the same panel with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. That’s a cool easter egg right there. Also, can I just say that David Aja is one swell artist?

I’m sure the next writer guy will do fine, but I’m getting off the Iron Fist train right here.


Avengers: The Initiative #14 – That last page is a classic “HOLY CRAP!” moment. Love it.

Captain America #39 – It’s official: I’m in love with Agent 13.

Final Crisis #2 – I still don’t know what’s going on. At least the last page is a nice cliffhanger.

Green Lantern #32 – I can imagine longtime Green Lantern fans already getting bored with this Secret Origin arc, but I’m new to all of this GL stuff so yeah, I’m enjoying it more than most of you.

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #1 – So far, the most entertaining Secret Invasion tie-in I’ve read.

The Ultimates 3 #4 – OH MY GOD IT ACTUALLY SHIPPED! Pictures? Still pretty. Story? Still stupid.

Uncanny X-Men #499 – The San Francisco part of the story was sort of anti-climactic, but the Russia part kicked ass.

X-Men: First Class #13 – Another multi-part story YAY!

X-Men: Legacy #213 – Mr. Sinister returns in the most “WTF?! THAT’S AWESOME! AND SORTA GROSS!” kind of way.

That’s a lot of comics. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to console my wallet who’s feeling a little empty right now. Hyuk hyuk hyuk!



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