Happy New Year

This Is Not A ‘Best Of’ Or ‘Year In Review’ Post

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Happy New Year

I really wanted to make a Best of Baddieverse post for 2012 just like I did for 2011, but unlike last year, I don’t really have a lot of blog posts to choose from this year. I guess I stopped trying? Anyway, that’s that. Maybe I’ll do better next year.

As for a personal Year in Review post, I wanted to use Facebook’s 2012 Year in Review thing to discuss the last 12 months of my life but browsing through it, well, it didn’t really give me anything that’s amusing or anything that I’d like to talk about in public. 2012, while it did have a few flashes of brilliance and some happy times towards the end, was generally a depressing year for me. I’ll just leave it at that.

So. I’ll just go ahead and greet you guys a happy new year. I may not sound enthusiastic right now, but I’m really hoping for a better new year for all of us. In 2013, I wish us all peace, love, and good madness. Cheers!

P.S. — Notice the lack of End of the World jokes. You’re welcome.

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