The War Has Begun – Avengers vs. X-Men #0 and #1

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We’ve experienced the hype. We’ve suffered through all the debates and discussions about what the event is all about. We’ve read issues #0 and #1 of Avengers vs. X-Men (if you haven’t, be warned — here be SPOILERS). The war has officially begun and here’s what I think about what’s happened so far.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Scarlet WitchThe Scarlet Witch Goes Solo

She’s back and she’s fighting crime again. It’s been years since Disassembled and Decimation, and I for one was looking forward to the day she comes back to face an army of angry mutants and a team of superheroes she ripped to shreds. I’m one of those people who hoped that she wouldn’t be killed off because it’s more fun if someone who royally screwed a bunch of super people hangs around to face the consequences of said royal screwing.

Aside from ruining M.O.D.O.K.’s day in Avengers vs. X-Men #0, Wanda also does one thing that I’ve been waiting for her to do since she indirectly disbanded the Avengers years ago — visit the new Avengers Mansion. While this Scarlet Witch story doesn’t have an obvious connection to AvX, I really enjoyed the awkward confrontation between Wanda and the Avengers, particularly her synthezoid husband who just came back from the dead.

This Android, This Crybaby

I advise you to read Avengers #24.1 to get a full understanding of Vision’s state of mind (CPU?). Dude picks a fight with Magneto, yo. That’s hardcore. He’s not as crazy in AvX #0, though. I expected him to completely flip out once he sees Wanda but he just becomes this really big jerk not just to his wife but to the other Avengers as well. And then he cries emo tears. I can’t really blame him because THIS:

She-Hulk rips apart the Vision.

That awkward moment when She-Hulk rips Vison apart because the Scarlet Witch is crazy.

I’ve never thought of the Vision as a compelling character before but all this tension between him and the Scarlet Witch already provides all the melodrama that AvX needs, provided that they will actually play major roles in the event. That’s one thing that bothers me about this issue #0. I would have enjoyed it better if I knew that this story would actually have ramifications in the main event or if it’s just a way for Marvel to deliver the melodrama before they let superheroes go to war. I don’t want to spend months waiting for the Scarlet Witch to open this pit up then get nothing.

Hope Steals Cyclops’ Jetpack

Hope Summers Jetpack

I don’t know about you guys but I’m finding it very hard to like Hope. She’s a brat who whines a lot, no wonder Cyclops is such an angry guy. She’s a jerk to the people who care for her. Take for example in #0, she shoots Cyclops with his own optic blasts after stealing the man’s jetpack. You do not just steal a man’s jetpack, young lady! I think I’ve read every comic she has appeared in ever since she made her debut as a baby, and so far, there’s little that I like about her. I hope (heh) the Phoenix Force consumes her soul and spits out Jean Grey.

Well, maybe I’m being a bit harsh on little miss mutant messiah. She does have some redeeming qualities. She’s a tough summbitch after all. Exhibit A – The Headbutt:

Hope Summers - Headbutt

It’s Coming!

Let’s face it, more things happened in Avengers vs. X-Men #0 than in issue #1. We’ve been aware of the fact that the Phoenix Force is coming. Advertisements and numerous interviews with creators and editors made sure of that. With a considerable part of #1 having the Avengers dealing with this fact thanks to intergalactic Paul Revere Nova, it feels like most of the issue has lost its impact. The Phoenix Force didn’t even arrive in #1. It’s still coming.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Phoenix Force

Am I there yet? Am I there yet? Am I there yet?

The Optic Blast Heard ‘Round the World

As far as I’m concerned, AvX #1 is all about one 2-page spread:


Forget the Phoenix Force ravaging an entire world. Forget Nova crash landing on Earth. The money shot of Avengers vs. X-Men #1 is Cyclops optic blasting the star and stripes off of Captain America’s shield. I’m glad this happened in the first issue. Now we know right off the bat that there’s no misunderstanding. There’s no accident. We know that Cyclops wants a fight and Captain America is ready to give him one. We know there’s reluctance in the way Cap calls the Avengers to assemble and we see on Emma Frost’s face that there’s no way around it. Scott Summers just took the first shot and IT’S GO TIME.

I can’t wait for next week. Until then, I’ll just sit in a corner and cry in anticipation with Vision.

Vision Crying



  1. I want to see Juggalossus fight the Rulk and I'm also curious which side will Wolverine favor more? We knew what happened after Schism. I wonder if Slim and Wolvie are gonna go at it again before/after Cap vs. Cyke. I know I'm a little bias 'cause I really don't like Cyclops since he is such a tool and a dick.

    And also I find that optic blast to be a such weaksauce maybeh cause of the way it was drawn cause it sooooo tiny-looking. Like the width of the blast impacting on Cap's shield's end are so mismatched adding the visual sound effect makes Cyke's optic blast laughable. I remember Emma teasing Cyke when Beast mentions about Angel's junk.

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