The Hot Black Girl in Beerfest Is Candace Smith

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I casually observe my blog stats via ShortStats every now and then, and for the last couple of months, I noticed something interesting. Here are my top 10 search keywords:

  1. computers internet blog
  3. retard porn
  4. ipod touch
  5. baddieverse
  6. beerfest black girl
  7. slumbook
  8. facebook purity test
  9. beerfest sex scene
  10. hot black chick in beerfest

Notice anything peculiar? Well, except for “retard porn” which is just… creepy. Three of these keywords pertain to Beerfest, and 2 out of these 3 are about an African-American female in the movie. Looking at the rest of my statistics, I see a lot of different variants of these keywords like “beerfest black chick topless”, “hot black girl in beerfest”, “black chick from beerfest”, and so on. Looks like some IMDB-challenged people are really interested in this lady. SEXUALLY!

So, for the benefit of you sexually deprived Google search-happy nerds out there who want to uncover the secret identity of this ridiculously hot black lady, I’m going to give you a name: Candace Smith. She was Miss Ohio USA 2003. She has a degree in Law and she passed the Ohio Bar exam in 2004. She was one of those girls from The Price Is Right game show. You will see her next in the film The Slammin’ Salmon. Now fly, my pretties! You have her name! Use it to search for her sexy pictures!

On a final note, for those of you who have yet to see the glory of Ms. Smith’s short yet unbelievably magnificent sex scene in Beerfest, I suggest you go watch the hell out of that movie. Because seriously, SHE’S SO FRICKEN HOT IT’S INSANE! Carry on.

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