The Eraserheads: Crossing Paths with Titans

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Everybody’s talking about the Eraserheads these days. Hardcore fans. Posers. New media. Old media. All because of their reunion concert. This reminded me of how rabid a fan I was back in the 90’s and how casual an observer I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the hell out of them and their music. I just loved them more when I was younger and the band was just beginning to shake the foundations of the Philippine music industry. It is all still fresh in my mind.

I was in 5th grade when I bought my copy of Ultraelectromagneticpop! and it was a revelation. It was the second album I bought. The first one was Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. I bought that one to be cool. I bought Ultra for the music. Since then, I’ve maintained the belief that all young people should be introduced into the world of music via the Eraserheads. And the Beatles, of course.

When I was in 3rd year high school, my cousins and I found out that they would be performing in our town. It was a no-brainer. We had to see them. Even if their opening act was this douchebag dance group called “The Street Boys” and the venue was “Kalesa Kape Concert Hall”, which was part of a larger entertainment compound that included the “Kalesa Kape Disco House” and the “Kalesa Kape Strip Club”. That night was awesome. That night, I officially became a lifelong Eraserheads fan.

In my high school, some people rocked out to Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. Some pretentious posers listened to The Cure and The Beatles. Some douchebags opted to mimic the “rival” dance group of The Street Boys, the “Universal Motion Dancers” (LOL). Me and my peeps? We were Eraserheads all the way, baby. We would discuss the meaning of their songs’ lyrics during our breaks. In one of our exams in Music class where we were required to perform one song using instruments and vocals, most of the groups picked an Eraserheads song. I learned how to play the guitar because I wanted to sing their songs in my room after school. I was your typical teenager devoting his free time to his Four Music Gods.

I remember one time, I went on a trip to Ilocos Norte with my family and a bunch of my relatives . We all rode in a single coaster bus. I got bored. On the way there, I asked the driver to play my Cutterpillow tape. My relatives were all like “What is this?! You teenagers have weird taste in music!” and I was like “OH COME ON, IT’S NOT LIKE I’M LISTENING TO PANTERA!” and then they were like “What’s a Pantera?” Good times.

Somewhere between me discovering other passions in life like girls and comics, and the 2002 breakup of the band, I’ve lost touch with the rabid Eheads fan in me. I may not be the same hardcore fanboy that I was back then, but I still believe in their music. I still love their magical lyrics. I’m still hoping for their permanent return to the local music scene because really, if there’s one entity that can save OPM and usher in a new age of awesomeness, it’s the Eraserheads.

I may have missed their reunion concert and the pure WIN it could’ve been, but I will always be comforted by the fact that once in my life, I crossed paths with these Four Titans of OPM. I’ll always have the warm embrace of their music. We’ll always have Kalesa. *cue Minsan*



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  2. This baddie, what a sentimental. The ticket is already 12 years old.

    But I have to agree with everything you said. kudos to your post bro.

    now, go back to the kitchen and make me some sammich woman!!

  3. @Ade: Stop crying! *slap slap*

    @Avatar: Wow. Ang galing mo pala sa math.

    @Sarah: Thanks! And yes, that is an awesome image. I just wish we can track down who made it. Heh.

    @Data: Thanks! I was inspired by your articles! Heh.

  4. ASTIG ang post mo, kapatid. at pramis, paborito ko yang "One PInoy Band That Mattered" image. Haha!

    Buti ka pa nakanood dati. Ako kasi hindi pinapayagan sa mga concerts, masyado pa raw bata… so first time ko silang mapanood ng buo nung reunion.

    Pero astig talaga yung post mo. Maikli, pero ang tindi ng suntok. Haha!

  5. NO WAY. You kept the actual ticket from 1996?!

    I get it though. You love(d?) the Eheads the same way I love the Beatles. (And I'm not being pretentious!!!) Only, YOU got to watch the Eraserheads live at least once in your life. *sigh*

    Your post made me go "Awww." Your non-emo senti post. :)

  6. ah well, at least we can look forward to the next reunion concert. now that they’re more receptive (whatdahell, they’re excited!) to the idea. part 2! part 2!

  7. :) i grew up in the states and i can honestly and proudly say, I CAN TOTALLY RELATE.

    the streetboys/UMD ref made me laugh. thanks.

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