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The Cautionary Tale of Trillanes and the Tank

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One quiet morning in the land of Makati
A truly wonderful day for all
The boy Trillanes was under trial for a coup attempt
Everyone remembers the stand-off at the mall


Trillanes decided it was no fun
Several of his friends agreed, they be so sweet
Together they left the Hall of Justice
To march freely along the Makati streets


People sighed, people were awed, people were baffled
Trillanes and friends, why, how, what, and when?
Off they confidently marched
From the streets to the Manila Pen


Suddenly it was clear
It was all a ruse
It is a revolution they want
Red armbands they used


They sent the call to all free men
To all who pledge allegiance to the flag of yellow, white, blue and red
To the Internets they rallied all who would listen
But alas, their call for a revolution was unheeded


It’s all because of the littlest of queens
Trillanes wants her to give up and resign
They say she has done wicked things
And the day has come for her to fall, they whine


Oh no! Oh dear! Oh my!
Little Miss President isn’t conceding to their demands
She’ll huff, she’ll puff, she’ll lay waste to all their plans
She won’t stop, even if the Pen no longer stands


Brave little Trillanes and his magical friends
Will not be bothered by uniformed men and their tear gas
They hold on to each other’s hands
Hoping their friendship will defeat the bad men in a flash


But in a cruel twist of fate
All is lost, but the continued drama
An armored beacon of government light
Crashed through the doors and caused them trauma


And so it went with Trillanes and friends
They had a realization as their hearts sank
Even strong spirits with noble goals


And they all lived happily
Until the curfew



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  3. What a fairytale! That Trillanes boy makes me laugh. Hey we (call center agents) are exempted from the curfew! Woot! I can has beer and get wasted anytiem?

  4. @Chris: Yeah!

    @Niki: Sucks to be you! I have work today so I had no destroyed plans last night. LOLOLOL


    @aLOLapenny: You gais get wasted during the morning. Heh.

    @Pau: That Manila Pen is gray. Get it right. Also, tandem punch to the balls of Trillanes?

    @LOLelle: As a responsible blogger and a budding artist, I felt it was my duty to do everything that I can to make fun of the event.

  5. Your mole-less GMA doodle still bears a real strong resemblance to joke dwarfella. Saw her on TV this morning. In a fit, I threw the TV outside and it broke into a million GMA sized pieces, all bigger than the original TV size! What the hey? Exactly what I said! They were having a party when I left this afternoon because they said they have nothing else to do and nowhere else to crash. I hope they have all gone when I get home tonight.

  6. @Freul: You weren't looking hard enough.

    @Issai: Unicorns.

    @Euri: Watch the horn. WATCH THE HORN!

    @Fritz: Mmmkaaaay.

    @Ade: It's because of all the pink, isn't it?

  7. [quote comment=""]

    @Ade: It's because of all the pink, isn't it?[/quote]

    Um, no no no, it-it-it wasn't the pink. Rly.

  8. What's with the stupid yellow ochre-ish whatever-you-call-the-color unicorn in there? Harry Potter?


  9. [quote comment=""]The unicorn ain't stupid. YOU are.

    It's sad that nobody understands up and coming artists like me.[/quote]

    Ah you call that piece of unicorn shit a 'work of art'???!!! :D

    (*seizures and mouthbubbles)


  10. Like I said, STUPID. Maybe it's time for a little "What is sarcasm? When does it work and when does it FAIL?" father and son talk, hm?

  11. [quote comment=""]Like I said, STUPID. Maybe it's time for a little "What is sarcasm? When does it work and when does it FAIL?" father and son talk, hm?[/quote]


    Oh now I get it. I was thinking about its relation with the… err… stick standoff . You just… love unicorns. Is that… it? Errr…


  12. Neil? More like somebodywhowasntverywelllikedwhenhewasakidandhasnosocialskillswhatsoever.


  13. Hey! Am not rude! I just found the unicorn… well… You thought I wanna start a… no! Not with my first visit/comment here on this blog ^_^;;

    WAAAH! You're all after me na!!

    [*raises the white flag, throws a white towel, shouts 'suko na 'ko!']

  14. Hey! Am not rude!

    [*raises the white flag, throws a white towel, shouts 'suko na 'ko!']

    That had better be a Good Morning Towel or else we wage war!!!!!

  15. Why the focus on the goddamn unicorn?! The boy Trillanes and the awesome tank (real name: Tanky McTank) are the stars here, gais! Come on!

  16. Get a clue, Weber. "Baddie 26 years old" isn't the tank's name. It's how we hotshot artists sign our masterpieces.

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