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The Best of Baddieverse 2011

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“The Best of” is kind of an overstatement but shut up, it’s my blog. I feel like I’ve lost my blogging mojo — if I ever had such a thing — in the past couple of years but I think in 2011, I got some of it back. I’m actually proud of a number of my blog entries this year. Some of them may have only been read by no more than 20 people but I don’t care. This is the best of Baddieverse in 2011 and you’re going to like it.

10 Things Single People Can Do on the Internet on Valentine’s Day

I’ve spent years without feeling the warm touch of a girlfriend so I consider myself an expert in being single. That’s why I came up with this list that aims to help single people everywhere cope with the bitter cold that is Valentine’s Day.

Superhero Pick-Up Lines

Sleazy pick-up lines and superheroes are kind of my thing, so I guess nobody was surprised when I came up with this list of superhero pick-up lines.

A Guide to the Return of the Living Dead Movies

I actually spent a couple of days just watching the 5 Return of the Living Dead movies. It was such a humbling and mind-numbing experience that I just had to share with the Internet.

I Survived Forever 21

I never knew the experience of shopping could scar one for life, but Forever 21 proved me wrong. Maggie, my lovely girlfriend, brought me there and I feel it is my duty to warn my brothers from other mothers about that place. I’m kidding. I totally had fun.

GetGlue Sticker Rejects

I may not be as crazy about GetGlue stickers as I was a few months ago but I’m still quite proud that people found some of these jokes funny. Or so they say. Those liars.

27 Awkward X-Men the Animated Series Screencaps

Everybody — and I mean everybody — loves the X-Men animated series from the ’90s. Earlier this year, I was working from home and I had the freedom to watch all 5 seasons of this cartoon series. Naturally, I felt the urge to show the rest of the world some of the most awkward screencaps from the series. Just because.

A One Year Experiment in Blogging

This is a series of 4 blog entries. It’s about blogging, SEO and other shit that may actually have some value for some of this blog’s visitors. Shocking!

My Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Ratings by Dr. Doom


5 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Buying an iPad Which Is Actually Just A Piece of Wood

One of my favorite topics in the universe is dumb things happening to dumb people. I wish I could write more of this shit because I love entertaining myself.

3 Reasons Why We Need More Movies Like Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

I’ve only seen a few Tagalog movies this year but only a couple of them really stood out. One of these movies is Zombadings. I plan to own it on DVD. I don’t have any Tagalog movie DVD in my collection and I will be happy to make Zombadings the first one. That’s how much I love this movie.

10 Great Moments from X-Men: Schism

Wolverine vs. Cyclops! A bunch of kids made a fool out of Namor and Magneto at the same time! Sentinels all over the world! With all the other events in comics this year like DC’s New 52, I only truly enjoyed one. This is a list of my 10 favorite moments from the series.

What Would You Do If You Were Bitten by A Zombie?

Finally, here is proof that this blog is not just about comics and stupid people and lame jokes and dickery. Here is proof that in this blog, I also ask the hard-hitting questions.

Feel free to look at the rest of my 2011 entries and see what other dumb things I have in store for you. I hope you had a great year and I hope you’re ready to have a better one. Happy new year, everyone! BRING IT, 2012!

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