The Avengers Trailer - Black Widow

The Avengers Trailer Commentary

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The trailer for The Avengers — the only movie coming out in 2012 as far as I’m concerned — has been unleashed and the Internet has exploded! Even if the trailer contains a lot of scenes we’ve already seen via official promo images or crappy unofficial photos, the fact that it’s the trailer for the biggest Marvel movie so far is enough to give people a multiple-hour fangasm. If you haven’t seen it yet, what’s wrong with you?

And now, here are the scenes from the Avengers trailer that caught my attention:

The Avengers Trailer - Army

These army boys look like they’re shooting at either something that’s flying (a Skrull ship, maybe?) or something that’s really huge. Judging from the lasers in the latter part of the trailer, it’s probably a ship.

The Avengers Trailer - EXPLOSIONS!

I have to admit, my favorite part of the trailer is the one where a bunch of cars get blown up. That’s a lot of explosions and I hope there’s more in the actual movie. For a moment there, I actually thought I was watching a trailer for a Transformers film.

The Avengers Trailer - Black Widow

She’s so hot.

The Avengers Trailer - Loki

Loki has been captured and he has that mischievous smile on his face. We all know that you can’t just capture a Norse god and take him into a holding facility like some kind of street thug who deals drugs to children. Something’s going on and things don’t look good for the folks at S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Avengers Trailer - Tony Stark

Dude is wearing a Black Sabbath shirt. So meta.

The Avengers Trailer - Stever Rogers v. Tony Stark

A short testosterone showdown between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers gives us comics fans something to squeal about. Thoughts of Civil War immediately come to mind.

The Avengers Trailer - Nick Fury

Now we know that Samuel L. Motherfuckin’ Jackson is not just going to stand around and look cool in this movie. I have no problem with seeing Nick Fury just barking orders but it’s good to see that he’s taking part in some of the action.

The Avengers Trailer - Captain America v. Thor

This is either the obligatory heroes-punching-each-other-because-of-a-misunderstanding-but-they’ll-eventually-team-up scenario or one of them is a Skrull. Or maybe they just don’t like each other very much. Whatever’s going on here, I’m still stoked because HOLY CRAP, WE’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE THOR FIGHTING CAPTAIN AMERICA ON THE BIG SCREEN.

The Avengers Trailer - Loki v. Tony Stark

I know, it’s blurry. But in this part of the trailer, it looks like Loki just chokeslammed Tony Stark through a window of a skyscraper. Cool.

The Avengers Trailer - Hulk

The CGI quality looks similar to what we’ve seen in Incredible Hulk, but this one actually looks more detailed. The Hulk actually looks like Mark Ruffalo!

Based on this initial Avengers trailer, we can expect plenty of action and some pretty entertaining interaction between the characters. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the movie. May 4th can’t come quick enough. You can bet your ass I’ll be shouting “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” in the theater and I will not apologize for it.


  1. That shirt with the reactor at the center of the Black Sabbath logo should be mass-produced so I can buy them all! ALL OF THEM I SAY!

  2. What's this? No love for Jeremy Renner? I don't like Hawkeye but I'm pretty excited for the character since he gonna be played by an actor wit so much talent! Still ultimate-universe sucks, why not 616-universe Marvel? WHY?!!!

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