Ten Reasons Why IRON MAN: DOOMQUEST Rocks Face

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I don’t usually go out and buy trades, may it be of recent years or of decades past. Well, unless they’re totally face-melting awesome like Iron Man: Doomquest!

I purchased it in Marvel Premier Classic format which totally feels so good to the touch. I felt so sophisticated while I was reading it. A hardbound graphic novel about Iron Man and Dr. Doom going back in time to the age of King Arthur, and subsequently going to the future to save Future Camelot with the help of Merlin and a reborn Arthur. Fantastic. Here are ten reasons why I say so (Sorry, no scans. I don’t want to risk ruining the book. Heh.):

  1. doomquestDoom calling Iron Man “errand boy” and “lackey”. It’s part of the story’s charm. Dr. Doom, thinking that Iron Man is Tony Stark’s bodyguard, treats Shell-Head like a minion. It gives the story the element of an extremely odd couple.
  2. Doom getting pwned by a vengeful mad scientist minion. This leads to Doom and Iron Man’s journey into the past. Most importantly, this sends Doom in a mad fit, swearing vengeance on the soon-to-be incinerated traitor. And we all know that Doom is most fun when he’s cursing and swearing vengeance.
  3. Camelot! There’s just something endearing about two guys wearing high-tech suits of armor in a time of sorcery and medieval mischief.
  4. Doom tearing down a wall and flying through the hole he made using his rocket pack. A few panels later, you see him riding a horse. And then he shares his sob story with Morgana Le Fey! You don’t get to see Doom in these kinds of situations nowadays.
  5. Doom commanding an army of undead people who were killed by Excalibur, King Arthur’s mystic sword. Iron Man commanding King Arthur’s valiant knights. Awesome battle ensues.
  6. Iron Man fighting a dragon. Think about that for a moment.
  7. Iron Man and Dr. Doom teaming up and using pieces of their respective armors to build a frickin’ time machine so they can get to the present, which was 1981. The year of my birth! It all makes sense now.
  8. Doom: “You cannot win!” Such arrogance. Such cockiness. Such bravado. This is just one of the awesome lines of Doom. God I love that summbitch.
  9. The deja vu feel between Iron Man #150 and #250. I just love how the beginning of the two double-sized issues looked and felt like deja vu not just for the characters, but for the reader as well.
  10. Iron Man facing off against his evil descendant, and Doom incinerating his future self!

It collects only four issues, but it was so epic in scope and I believe I’ve never been awesomed by a comic book story as old as I am. This has opened new doors for me. I am now considering regularly purchasing collections of old comics because really, modern classics are awesome, but there’s a whole lot more awesome to be discovered in the old classics.

And with that, Iron Man Week ends. If you missed out on this irontastic week, here’s a handy list of Iron Man Week posts from this blog, Cinemabuzz, and Comicology:

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