Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

3 Reasons Why We Need More Movies Like Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

Gino Carteciano Movies 16 Comments

I went to see Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington expecting an honest-to-goodness Filipino zombie movie. In this particular aspect, as a rabid zombie movie fan, I was mildly disappointed since it barely contains actual zombie action. Other than that, I think it’s a brilliant film that needs to be the opening salvo of a new age of entertaining …


High School of the Dead: Not Just T&A

Gino Carteciano TV 10 Comments

At first glance, High School of the Dead seems like animated softcore porn with zombies. It’s full of gratuitous shots of boobs and butts. But if you look past bouncing tits and spread crotches, you will see a George Romero zombie movie infused with anime elements. That’s right. I said it. If George Romero made an anime zombie movie, it would look …


Zombie Movie Ideas

Gino Carteciano Movies 18 Comments

It has been brought to my attention that there is a movie called Retardead and it’s about a bunch of special people who were turned into flesh-eating zombies. It just blew my mind. It also made me realize that it’s easy to come up with a high concept when zombies are involved. Why, just this morning while I was driving …