WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Mark Henry

Short Spoilers for WWE Night of Champions 2011

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I still think that Money in the Bank is the best 2011 WWE PPV so far but WWE Night of Champions 2011 has its amusing moments. It was slightly disappointing mostly because some matches had unsatisfying endings while others just didn’t have impact. If you still haven’t seen it and you can’t wait for the replay, here be spoilers. Air Boom v. …

It's still real to me, damnit!

5 Things That Are As Fake As Pro Wrestling

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I just saw WWE Summerslam 2011 and its ridiculous ending. I call it ridiculous and I want you all to know that it’s a compliment. I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling since I was a kid and I’ve always known that it was scripted. This is why when people say that it’s fake, I just go NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. …

Wrestlemania 25 Predictions

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— Originally published in facerockery.bigbaddie.com. — Chris Jericho vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka: With Ric Flair in the Legends’ corner, you’d think the cards will be stacked against Jericho. But we have to remember that even though there are four of them, the Legends are geriatric shadows of their former selves. Then again, …