Behold! The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe!

All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New All-Different Avengers #1

In October, the Marvel Universe will somehow emerge from Secret Wars as an all-new all-different Marvel Universe. We’re going to get 45 new #1 comic book issues that will feature both relaunched and brand new titles. Here’s a full list of all 45 titles including their creative teams and my all-important (no, not really) thoughts on this all-new yet still very familiar …


10 Great Moments from X-Men: Schism

X-Men: Schism - Cyclops vs. Wolverine

X-Men: Schism, the 5-issue mini-series designed to break the X-Men in two, has just wrapped up and what a ride it’s been. It’s one of the best X-Men stories I’ve ever read for a lot of reasons. It’s a story with Sentinels, psychotic kids and a brutal fight between Cyclops and Wolverine. Writer Jason Aaron has crafted a story that …


10 Things from SDCC that Rocked My Face

agents of atlas ongoing series

I didn’t go to the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, but thanks to the magic of the Internets, I got all the news and ridiculous photos of ridiculous people in ridiculous costumes from the event that I needed. And then some. It took me a couple of days to rummage through my bookmarks and feeds, but I eventually singled out …