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10 Things I Learned From My 10 Years On Twitter

Gino Carteciano Internet 2 Comments

Today is my 10th anniversary on Twitter. 10 years. An entire decade. Just a few more years and my first tweet will be a teenager. A tweetager? I wish I tweeted something more interesting for my inaugural post. And so began a decade of rants, dumb jokes, pointless musings, and sweet nothings in 140 characters or less. I did ...
Of Manil Twitter Accounts of Manila

The Best and Worst of “Of Manila” Twitter Accounts

Gino Carteciano Internet 1 Comment

It all started with a few chuckles and some legitimate laugh-out-loud moments as @TitasOfManila began running roughshod over Twitter. Then it spawned a bunch of copycat accounts which, like most things on the Internet, quickly turned into a nitro-powered bandwagon of legitimately hilarious and undeniably unfunny — not to mention offensive — Of Manila Twitter accounts. And like most bandwagons, it is destined to …

Sam Pinto yfrog

5 Sexiest Sam Pinto Twitter Photos

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 1 Comment

Don’t you love it when celebrities post personal photos on Twitter? They just make it easier for you to stalk them. Did I say stalk? I meant admire. They make it easier for you to admire them. One of my favorite celebrities is Sam Pinto and I thank the Internet gods for giving me access to her photos beyond what …

Twitter vs. Plurk

Twitter vs. Plurk

Gino Carteciano Internet 13 Comments

Remember when we were all on Twitter, dumping our thoughts and ideas 140 characters at a time and having the time of our Internet lives? No? Well I do. That’s why I’m currently marveling at the war raging on for microblogging supremacy in the Filipino community. Well, in my mind at least. Whose side are you on? I find it …