10 Things I Learned From My 10 Years On Twitter

Twitter - Baddie

Today is my 10th anniversary on Twitter. 10 years. An entire decade. Just a few more years and my first tweet will be a teenager. A tweetager? I wish I tweeted something more interesting for my inaugural post.

The Best and Worst of “Of Manila” Twitter Accounts

Of Manil Twitter Accounts of Manila

It all started with a few chuckles and some legitimate laugh-out-loud moments as @TitasOfManila began running roughshod over Twitter. Then it spawned a bunch of copycat accounts which, like most things on the Internet, quickly turned into a nitro-powered bandwagon of legitimately hilarious and undeniably unfunny — not to mention offensive — Of Manila Twitter accounts. And like most bandwagons, it is destined to …


Publishing Your Last.fm Loved Tracks to Twitter Using Dlvr.it

I’ve been using LastFM Love and Twitterfeed to share my Last.fm loved tracks on Twitter alternately for the last few months and both services just don’t work for me. LastFM Love is not very intuitive and it only worked for me a couple of times. Twitterfeed is just not reliable. It keeps retrieving my Last.fm loved tracks but it doesn’t …


My Office Desktop Free View

My Office Desktop Free View

So The Jew tagged me for this “My Desktop Free View” meme because she wants to see how perverted my desktop wallpaper is. I’m a sucker for memes, so what the hell, right? Unfortunately for The Jew, I’m in the office right now. And in the office, my desktop isn’t perverted. It’s just sexy. Click this bitch to see a …