mole what?!

Moleskine Schmoleskine

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 14 Comments

It’s the legendary notebook used by the European avant-garde for the past 200 years! Its pedigree is astounding! The stories behind it, astonishing! It will set your mind on fire! It will let your soul run wild! It will force you to ask Google what “avant-garde” means! You can write on it! With a pen or a pencil! And maybe …

mike villar

I Believe in Mike Villar

Gino Carteciano Events 12 Comments

Voting for the Bloggers’ Choice Award of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is now open! Because I’m sheep, I initially thought “Hey, Lauren, Pau, and Ade have already voted for Mikey, I guess I’ll have to vote for him too because, you know, I’m sheep.” I planned on just collecting a bunch of Mikey’s fucked up photos (well, EXTRA fucked …

lunar flag of total domination

I Will Claim Ownership of the Moon!

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 15 Comments

Dear Countries Who Ratified the Outer Space Treaty, Greetings of love and peace! AND RAW EVIL! I am Baddie, and I am considering taking on a life of crime. I haven’t thought of a kick-ass super-villain name yet, but I’m getting there. Anyway, I just want to know how much trouble I’ll get myself into if I violate Article IV …


Finally, I Can Control Fire!

Gino Carteciano General Dickery 42 Comments

Yes, after several years of failed attempts at controlling fire, I’ve finally done it! I always knew I was special. Mutant special. And now that I’ve discovered my previously latent mutant pyrokinetic ability, I’m wondering if I have other superhuman powers. I’m determined to find out, and I believe I can discover the truth with the help of my trusty …