The Flash

5 Things About ‘The Flash’ Trailer

Gino Carteciano TV 1 Comment

If you haven’t seen the full trailer of The CW’s The Flash, watch it now. WATCH IT! Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been skeptical about this Arrow spin-off since I’m not sure honest-to-goodness costumed super-powered superheroes would work on TV. In movies, they’re spectacular. On TV, NOPE. But this trailer makes the show look amazing and I’m hoping it really is. I’m not …

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10 Things from SDCC that Rocked My Face

Gino Carteciano Comics 3 Comments

I didn’t go to the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, but thanks to the magic of the Internets, I got all the news and ridiculous photos of ridiculous people in ridiculous costumes from the event that I needed. And then some. It took me a couple of days to rummage through my bookmarks and feeds, but I eventually singled out …