SDCC 2013 Thoughts and Things


Once again, I’m battling SDCC envy. For the past 5 days, like thousands of geeks around the world, I’ve been living vicariously through the army of weirdos who have descended upon San Diego for this year’s Comic-Con International aka San Diego Comic-Con aka Geek Heaven. But while I may not have experienced the magical — and I imagine very smelly …


Man of Steel? More Like Man of Sad Feels, Am I Right?

Man of Steel

Man of Steel was the first ever movie I saw in IMAX 3D. I’ve always stayed away from seeing movies in IMAX theaters and I rarely watch movies in 3D because I just can’t appreciate them. Actually, I find these special formats annoying. However, I felt Superman deserved a larger than life movie viewing experience so I decided to pop …

Super Late Thoughts On The Man Of Steel Trailer

Nicolas Cage - Superman

I know, I know. The trailer, by which I mean the second official one because I don’t know where to find the first, for Man of Steel has been around for almost two months now but I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it. Maybe I was too busy with my new job and new living …



Aquaman #1

The 5th week of the Great DC Reboot of 2011 has come and gone. Now that I’ve read all 52 new #1 issues, I can finally say that overall, I was disappointed. But I was also pleased. There are enough interesting books in this pile of new issues to make me declare that the whole thing was not as horrible …


DC Reboot Week 2: Superman Was Kind Of A Douchebag

Action Comis #1

I’ve already told you about my slight disappointment with last week’s Justice League #1. Now I’m here to tell you about my mixed feelings about the second assault of the New 52. Just like in my DC Reboot post (where I judged the event roughly 3 months before it was rolled out), I’ll be categorizing this week’s comics into groups …


DVD Library #1: Superman Returns

Superman Returns DVD

OK I’m starting another stupid “series” again, and this time, it’s all about DVDs. In my Weekly Haul series, I talk about my most recent comic book purchases. For this new series, I’m going to talk about my recent DVD purchases, and I’d like to call it *drumroll* DVD Library! I am so creative. I shall start with a movie …