Behold! The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe!

All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New All-Different Avengers #1

In October, the Marvel Universe will somehow emerge from Secret Wars as an all-new all-different Marvel Universe. We’re going to get 45 new #1 comic book issues that will feature both relaunched and brand new titles. Here’s a full list of all 45 titles including their creative teams and my all-important (no, not really) thoughts on this all-new yet still very familiar …


7 Amazing Things About The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

I’m one of those people who thought a Spider-Man movie reboot is too soon. I understand why the franchise needed a shot in the arm but I still felt uncomfortable with the idea. It wasn’t really a big deal, though, especially after seeing 3 different Hulks in a decade. Also, I’m finding it hard to get excited about a comic …


My Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Ratings by Dr. Doom

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Batman Begins

After seeing Captain America: The First Avenger, I realized that I have yet to establish a top 10 list of my favorite comic book movies. I already did a similar list with Coco Collantes and Bim Barbieto via Cinemabuzz, Face Rockery and Comicology, but that was 3 years ago. A lot of comic book movies have already been released since …

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1

The Spectacular Spider-Man - Sinister Six

After Justice League Unlimited, I didn’t think I’d enjoy another comic book animated series again. Come to think of it, the only comic book animated TV series I really enjoyed were the 90’s X-Men series, Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men: Evolution, and Justice League Unlimited. So it came as a surprise when I watched the first season of The Spectacular …


DVD Library #9: Spider-Man 3 2-Disc Special Edition

spider-man 3

We’ll kick off DVD Week with the DVD that completed my Spider-Man Trilogy collection: Spider-Man 3 2-Disc Special Edition! I was psyched to see the movie in a theater, but I was most excited to own it on DVD. I mean, come on, a Spider-Man Trilogy movie marathon on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Geekgasm galore.


Know Your Comic Book Characters with Dr. Doom #1: Spider-Man

Spider-Man Sexy Time

Greetings, peons! I, Victor Von Doom, welcome you to this first installment of this grand series Doom would like to call “Know Your Comic Book Characters with Dr. Doom”. Although Doom finds this thing you call “blogging” pitiful, Doom sees that it is essential for you lowlifes to be acquainted with your comic book characters. Why? Because Doom decrees it …