The Pros and Cons of Asia Pop Comicon Manila

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I’ve never been crazy about local geek conventions. I’ve attended a few just to see what’s out there, but I always felt local conventions leaned more towards commerce rather than the celebration of fandom. That’s why I didn’t buy my ticket to Asia Pop Comicon Manila until days before the event. I only gave in because I was told Nathalie …

Petron Avengers Tumblers Unboxed

Petron Avengers: Assembled!

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Last week, I got Thor and Hulk tumblers from Petron. Yesterday, thanks to my awesome girlfriend, I got Captain America and Iron Man. My Petron Avengers tumbler collection is now complete! If you want to get these Petron Avengers tumblers too, you’ll have to shell out at least Php1,000 for gas at any Petron gas station, plus Php60 for each …

Comicx Hub - Gerry Alanguilan and Maggie

The Day I Met Gerry Alanguilan and the X-Men

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I don’t believe I’ve ever been completely starstruck until I went to Comicx Hub’s signing event a couple of days ago. Mico Suayan and Gerry Alanguilan were there. As much as I admire Suayan’s work, it was Mr. Alanguilan who almost made me cream my pants. He’s a living legend in both American and Filipino comics so it’s an honor …

Baddie and that fool, Bim.

X-Men 101 @

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I never liked Philippine Blog Award Winner Bim Barbieto. Mostly because he’s a Satanist. Also, I heard he hates underprivileged children with disabilities. However, I do like his blogging skillz and his passion for geeky things. That’s why I put up with him. But basically, our relationship can be summed up in one photo: He recently launched, a website …