Marvel’s Iron Fist: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

Marvel's Iron Fist - Colleen Wing

Welp. The critics are wrong. Kind of. Marvel’s Iron Fist isn’t the weakest Netflix Marvel series — in fact, I’d rank it higher than Luke Cage and maybe even Jessica Jones — but it’s still pretty… meh. Let’s break down what worked and what didn’t. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. THE GOOD


Thor: Reign of Blood, Ended Runs, and Other Face-Rocking Comics

thor reign of blood

Yes, I’m bringing the noise back into this blog. And when I say “noise”, I mean “comic books and other geeky stuff”. I bought a lot of comics last week so I thought now’s the best time to force some comics goodness down your unsuspecting throats. Also, I just closed Face Rockery, so, yeah. There’s that. And here we go: …