All-New All-Different Marvel - All-New All-Different Avengers #1

Behold! The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe!

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In October, the Marvel Universe will somehow emerge from Secret Wars as an all-new all-different Marvel Universe. We’re going to get 45 new #1 comic book issues that will feature both relaunched and brand new titles. Here’s a full list of all 45 titles including their creative teams and my all-important (no, not really) thoughts on this all-new yet still very familiar …

Amazing Spider-Man #1

Deadpool’s Wedding And Other Things To Look Forward To From Marvel In April 2014

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Man, I love solicitations. They’re like those trailers that run right before a movie but with no movie and there’s no cool voice-over guy and… this metaphor just isn’t working, is it? Anyway, here are the things I’m looking forward to from Marvel based on their April 2014 solicitations, including Deadpool’s wedding! (Also, click on the images to view the …

DOOM Is Pleased with the Incredible Hulk

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— Originally published in — Incredible Hulk is far from perfect, but the fact that it features the Hulk tearing a squad car in half to make boxing gloves out of it, and seeing said squad car boxing gloves used on the Abomination’s face? I’d say it’s the perfectiest movie so far this year! Also, DOOM is pleased with …

Monthly Haul #1: Now Reviewing Comics MONTHLY!

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— Originally published in — I tried this reviewing-comics-every-week gig, first with Weekly Haul, and then New Comics Yay!, but it just doesn’t stick with me. I know I’m passionate enough about reading comics, but blogging about it is an entirely different thing. With the real world usually foiling my plans of writing comic book reviews every week, I’ve …

New Comics YAY! #11

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— Originally published in — Before we start with the reviews, let me just acknowledge the totally awesome conclusion of Friday Night Fights — Uppercut!!! brought to us by the wicked Bahlactus! Cosmic high five, bruh! Now, let me proceed with reviewing 2 weeks worth of new comics. YAY! Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith #3: Like a true western, our …