Funko Pop! Chucky

Where to Buy Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures in the Philippines

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No matter where you are in the world, you probably know someone who collects Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Thanks to the insane number of licenses in Funko’s catalog of collectibles, people ranging from sport fans to book nerds to pop culture fiends can find some Pop! they’d want to put on their desks — or their heads. I don’t know, people …


Update Like A Collectiboss

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I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays! This is my first and only post for 2015. Hooray? I’m just here to let you guys know that I’m still alive and this blog is too. You know, just in case you’re keeping a Bloggers Who Still Blog Because They’re Still Holding On To The Idea That Blogging Is Still Relevant In 2015 …

Funko Pop! Flocked Aswang Philippine ToyCon 2015 Exclusive Glam Shot

Flocked Aswang Pop! Will Terrorize Philippine Toycon 2015

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If you grew up in the Philippines, chances are you used to fear the darkness because of tales of the Aswang, the stuff of nightmares among Filipino children and adults for centuries. There was even a time in the ’90s when the news was filled with stories of alleged victims of this dreaded mythological creature. The regular black outs at the time didn’t …

Funko Pop! Aswang ang White Lady

Toy Fair 2015 Unveils New Pop! Vinyls Including Manny Pacquiao, Aswang, White Lady, and Pope Francis

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Toy Fair 2015 has just concluded and the reveal of upcoming Funko Pop! vinyl figures is super overwhelming. In fact, as I’m typing this, I can hear my wallet crying in the corner and saying prayers to Cthulhu. Before Toy Fair, though, there was a leak of concept art for a bunch of upcoming Pops from both old and new …


Arigatoys Asks All of Us to Combat Counterfeiting

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With the recent surge of counterfeit Funko Pop! vinyl figures in local stores, I think it’s important that I let you guys know that Collectiboss only gets its stock of Pops from Arigatoys, the official Philippine distributor of Funko products — and soon I’ll be bringing in stuff from reputable sources like Entertainment Earth, Popcultcha, and Hot Topic, but that’s …