I’ve been looking to make a few positive changes in my life for the last few weeks and I’ve been getting signs from a higher cosmic being that I’m on the right track. I mean, I started watching Pushing Daisies, a TV show that teaches me valuable lessons every episode including “don’t kill people”. The show also introduced me to the song Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. The song now inspires me to wake up every morning looking forward to a beautiful day. For the first time in years, I attended mass. I liked it. This morning, I started officially hating Facebook. And then there’s The Girl Called Trouble. It’s all coming together like the perfect storm… in my mind. I’m shaking hands with a hurricane. Disjointed thoughts, I know. To distract you from my scattered brain vomit, here’s a bunch of haiku poems about Dr. Doom:

Your superior
Monarch of Latveria
Behold, Doctor DOOM!

Scarred and left alone
Fought the Devil for his mom
Triumphant always

Dreamer of big things
A nation is not enough
Earth belongs to DOOM!

Mighty iron fist
Unbreakable iron will
Sexy iron dick

For you, rage so pure
Curse you all, Fantastic Four!
On your knees for DOOM!