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The Vinyl Bobble-Head of DOOM!

Doom and Vinyl Doom

That, my dear doctor, is my new Funko POP! Dr. Doom Vinyl Bobble-Head that I ordered from Comicx Hub. I’ve been a very good boy, see. I haven’t missed a single day of work for the last 6 months (that’s some sort of record) so I thought of giving myself a reward. You know, for acting like a responsible professional adult. You’ve got to treat yourself every once in a while for not acting like a man child, that’s what I always say.

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What Gods Dare Stand Against Me?

In FF #13, when asked by Valeria Richards how he can be sure that he will not die in the face of certain death at the hands of cosmic forces, this is Dr. Doom’s response:

FF #13: Dr. Doom

He will not die because he is DOOM, Destroyer of Worlds. This kind of confidence is what I’m bringing into the new year.

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Christmas Wishlist: All I want for Christmas is a clue. Also, stuff.

We’re a few weeks away from Christmas and I guess it’s time to break out the wishlists, eh? I’m not really comfortable about telling people what I want them to give me, so my Christmas wishlists are always short. Well, except for last year. Sort of. But that’s not the point. The following is what I want to get for Christmas this year and it’s a short list. Sort of. Feel free to give me more than one.

The War for Late Night by Bill Carter. OK, technically, this is on my list but you can forget it. I already made an order for a copy of this book a couple of days ago. I just put it here so I can tell you that I’m sort of smart because I read books. Yay!

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Be My Santa DOOM?

Santa Doom

Dear friends,

For the last couple of years, I didn’t really ask much when I posted my Christmas wish lists. In fact, I was only serious about the iPod. I got it, by the way. I named him Molesto. He says hi.

This year, I want everything my shallow, shallow heart desires. I need you to be my Santa DOOM.

TV Show and Movie DVDs

You can give me anything that’s not on my Listal Owned DVD list for obvious reasons. I can’t give you a specific title that I badly want right now, so you can just run with the fact that I like movies and TV shows with explosions and zombies. Also, I love DVDs with tons of extras.

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15 Things That Keep Me Up At Night

I always find it hard to sleep at night. My body usually longs for the soft embrace of my bed, but my mind? My goddamn mind? I always need to work the hell out of it to the point of exhaustion, which ultimately leads to sleep. Unfortunately, my mind doesn’t get exhausted easily when I’m thinking about these:

1. What TV show will make an awesome series of big budget movies?

2. How to get revenge on the high level players who always pick on me in Mafia Wars. Assholes.

3. Dr. Doom. And Batman.

4. The artistic merits of sequential art featuring talking gorillas, Asian secret agents, goddesses, mermaids, robots and men from Uranus.

5. The Girl Called Trouble.

6. Who would win in a fight between bears with lasers and sharks with missiles… IN A CAGE MATCH?

7. My next stupid blog post that 6 of you will read and 2 of you will comment on.

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