Captain America #15 ResurrXion variant cover by David Maquez

6 Things I’m Looking Forward to from Marvel in April 2017

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Marvel is killing it with Inhumans vs. X-Men right now and my favorite thing about it is after the event, we’re going to get ResurrXion and a whole bunch of new X-Men titles. If you haven’t heard, I’m a big X-Men fan, so it’s an exciting time to be me right now. The new crop of X-Men comics start with …

Doom and Vinyl Doom

The Vinyl Bobble-Head of DOOM!

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That, my dear doctor, is my new Funko POP! Dr. Doom Vinyl Bobble-Head that I ordered from Comicx Hub. I’ve been a very good boy, see. I haven’t missed a single day of work for the last 6 months (that’s some sort of record) so I thought of giving myself a reward. You know, for acting like a responsible professional …

Top 10 Comic Book Movies - Batman Begins

My Top 10 Comic Book Movies with Ratings by Dr. Doom

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After seeing Captain America: The First Avenger, I realized that I have yet to establish a top 10 list of my favorite comic book movies. I already did a similar list with Coco Collantes and Bim Barbieto via Cinemabuzz, Face Rockery and Comicology, but that was 3 years ago. A lot of comic book movies have already been released since …

Santa Doom

Be My Santa DOOM?

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Dear friends, For the last couple of years, I didn’t really ask much when I posted my Christmas wish lists. In fact, I was only serious about the iPod. I got it, by the way. I named him Molesto. He says hi. This year, I want everything my shallow, shallow heart desires. I need you to be my Santa DOOM. …