Is Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics Really Necessary?

Necessary Evil - Dan DiDio

Narrated by Christopher Lee who has possibly the most evil voice ever, maybe the arch nemesis of Morgan Freeman’s holy voice, Necessary Evil: Super-villains of DC Comics showcases the dastardly villains of the DC Universe. While I’m no longer reading any of the main DCU books, this film gives me a new appreciation for DC baddies. The documentary, composed of …


DC Comics Year By Year To Celebrate 30 Years Of Baddie

DC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle

My copy of DC Comics Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle has arrived! I won it from GeekOut.ph’s contest and the timing of it all is just perfect. What better time to receive a book that chronicles the DC Comics Universe from 1935 all the way to 2010 than my birthday week? Yes, in a few days, I’ll be celebrating my …

Comics Publisher Website 404 Error Pages


Comics are fun and colorful, so you’d expect the 404 error pages of comics publisher websites to be a little more interesting than most error pages. That’s not the case, though. I followed a link from my feed reader to Marvel’s website and it turns out it was broken. I didn’t mind because I saw a familiar face from Peter …


DC Reboot Hasty Judgment Time!

Suicide Squad

Yes, I’m still calling it a reboot even though DC doesn’t want people calling it a reboot. They’re not the boss of me! Most of their established franchises will be starting fresh with all-new directions, stories and #1 issues in September and that’s a reboot in my book. With all the promised 52 new #1’s of the DC reboot finally …


DC Comics Reboot Questions

justice league

Ah, yes. The great DC Comics Reboot of 2011. It’s been the talk of the comics Internet town for the last couple of days and there’s a multiverse of questions waiting to be answered. The entire line of DC comic books is going to be relaunched in September with all-new #1 issues — 52 in total. I doubt all the …