Necessary Evil - Dan DiDio

Is Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics Really Necessary?

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Narrated by Christopher Lee who has possibly the most evil voice ever, maybe the arch nemesis of Morgan Freeman’s holy voice, Necessary Evil: Super-villains of DC Comics showcases the dastardly villains of the DC Universe. While I’m no longer reading any of the main DCU books, this film gives me a new appreciation for DC baddies. The documentary, composed of …


Comics Publisher Website 404 Error Pages

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Comics are fun and colorful, so you’d expect the 404 error pages of comics publisher websites to be a little more interesting than most error pages. That’s not the case, though. I followed a link from my feed reader to Marvel’s website and it turns out it was broken. I didn’t mind because I saw a familiar face from Peter …

Suicide Squad

DC Reboot Hasty Judgment Time!

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Yes, I’m still calling it a reboot even though DC doesn’t want people calling it a reboot. They’re not the boss of me! Most of their established franchises will be starting fresh with all-new directions, stories and #1 issues in September and that’s a reboot in my book. With all the promised 52 new #1’s of the DC reboot finally …