Batgirl #35 Review – Damn, Bae!

Batgirl #35

I have hated — HATED — the New 52 almost as soon as it started and for the past 3 years, I’ve only followed one DC title and it is out of continuity. Things may finally be turning around for my relationship with DC with Batgirl #35 — but not completely. I’ve only read the first two issues of this New 52 …


DC Reboot Week 2: Superman Was Kind Of A Douchebag

Action Comis #1

I’ve already told you about my slight disappointment with last week’s Justice League #1. Now I’m here to tell you about my mixed feelings about the second assault of the New 52. Just like in my DC Reboot post (where I judged the event roughly 3 months before it was rolled out), I’ll be categorizing this week’s comics into groups …


DC Comics Reboot Questions

justice league

Ah, yes. The great DC Comics Reboot of 2011. It’s been the talk of the comics Internet town for the last couple of days and there’s a multiverse of questions waiting to be answered. The entire line of DC comic books is going to be relaunched in September with all-new #1 issues — 52 in total. I doubt all the …