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8 Reasons Why The Avengers Is the Greatest Comic Book Movie So Far

The AvengersWith all due respect to The Dark Knight, I’m calling The Avengers the greatest comic book movie so far.

Notice how I didn’t say “Greatest Comic Book Movie OF ALL TIME”. As much as the overacting Internet hooligan in me wants to say it, and as much as I absolutely loved the perfection that is Marvel’s The Avengers, I’m not willing to believe that this is as good as it gets. I say “so far” with the hope that this is the beginning of the new age of comic book movies — an age where films based on superhero comics would not be ashamed of their source material; an age where comic book movies would embrace the absurdity and the larger-than-life events seen in superhero sequential art. I’m looking at you, Superman Returns.

The Avengers is where it starts, hopefully. This film sets the bar for all future superhero movies whether they star an individual costumed vigilante or another super team. The Avengers is not your standard superhero fare. It is, or should be, The Standard, period. I’m looking forward to the day when superhero movies stop trying too hard to satisfy what the general public wants (dark and depressing movies rooted in reality) and start showing everyone what they can really offer — flamboyant moving pictures with humanity, extraordinary circumstances, inspiring heroism, despicable villainy, amusing banter, and lots of explosions. Until then, The Avengers is the mightiest of them all.

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Petron Avengers: Assembled!

Last week, I got Thor and Hulk tumblers from Petron. Yesterday, thanks to my awesome girlfriend, I got Captain America and Iron Man. My Petron Avengers tumbler collection is now complete!

Petron Avengers Tumblers

If you want to get these Petron Avengers tumblers too, you’ll have to shell out at least Php1,000 for gas at any Petron gas station, plus Php60 for each tumbler. Don’t worry, they’re worth it. The figures on top of every tumbler is surprisingly detailed. Also, they can perform pretty neat actions!

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The War Has Begun – Avengers vs. X-Men #0 and #1

We’ve experienced the hype. We’ve suffered through all the debates and discussions about what the event is all about. We’ve read issues #0 and #1 of Avengers vs. X-Men (if you haven’t, be warned — here be SPOILERS). The war has officially begun and here’s what I think about what’s happened so far.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Scarlet WitchThe Scarlet Witch Goes Solo

She’s back and she’s fighting crime again. It’s been years since Disassembled and Decimation, and I for one was looking forward to the day she comes back to face an army of angry mutants and a team of superheroes she ripped to shreds. I’m one of those people who hoped that she wouldn’t be killed off because it’s more fun if someone who royally screwed a bunch of super people hangs around to face the consequences of said royal screwing.

Aside from ruining M.O.D.O.K.’s day in Avengers vs. X-Men #0, Wanda also does one thing that I’ve been waiting for her to do since she indirectly disbanded the Avengers years ago — visit the new Avengers Mansion. While this Scarlet Witch story doesn’t have an obvious connection to AvX, I really enjoyed the awkward confrontation between Wanda and the Avengers, particularly her synthezoid husband who just came back from the dead.

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Avengers Tumblers, Avengers vs. X-Men Loot, and Comic Book Violence!

I haven’t been posting on this blog as much as I want to lately because hey, a man needs to work and save up for the future. Beer, pizza, and comics won’t pay for themselves you know. Thank goodness for this long weekend (5 days, bitches!) that’s giving me some time to catch up on TV shows, movies, comics, and some blogging shenanigans. I’m not sure if I can catch up on all of that, though. I’m just glad I’m not working for a few days.

An actual photo of me in my actual former job that I actually quit 2 years ago. Actually irrelevant to this post.

And now for some updates you didn’t ask for but you’re going to get anyway:

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