Superhero Pick Up Lines

Pick-up lines, even the funniest and most charming ones, never worked for me. Must be my creepy aura. Anyhoo, I’m wondering what superhero pick up lines are these super creeps using to get some. Here’s what my perfectly normal and totally not perverse mind came up with:

Mr. Fantastic, Stretchy Leader of the Fantastic Four

Cyclops, Leader of the X-Men and the Entire Mutant Race

Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess with an Invisible Jet

Hulk, Strongest One There Is

Professor X, Founder of the X-Men and Creepy Bald Guy

Superman, Last Son of Krypton and Douchebag of Steel

Zatanna, Sexy Magician

Thor, Thunderer and Hammerer

The Thing, Ever Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Member of the Fantastic Four

Spider-Woman, Avenger with a Rockin’ Body and Flowing Sexy Hair

Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Space Cop Who Sometimes Murders Entire Cities

Human Torch, Dead

Madrox the Multiple Man, Leader of X-Factor Investigations


Pretty obvious that pick-up lines will never be my strong suit. Meh. If you have superhero pick up lines you would like to share, please do so in the comments section. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

  • Larry

    "I'd like to pop my 'CLAW' inside you." – Logan

    I LOL'd at "HULK HORNY!"

  • Baddie

    The entire concept of this blog entry was built around my need to tell that HULK HORNY joke.

  • Ade

    … I shall never look at Madrox the same way again. Dammit, Baddie.

  • Baddie


  • pick up lines

    Hey really i just love the "HULK HORNY". The concept ehich you have provided is really very intresting.
    Thank You for these kinds of blog..

  • Adam

    Hey! I wanted to drop you a comment and let you know I really enjoy visting your site. I’ve added it as a book mark and plan to return frequently. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Joey

  • BenKelsson

    I actually liked the Cyclop's one… Many others are good though, I really liked it. Would you mind if I recommend another great website on the topic (although I didn't notice "superhero category, that's true) ?
    here it is:

  • Peepeehands

    So…supot si Batman?

    • Juancho

      Condom with wings? IDK.

  • Pick Up Lines

    My favorite one was from Batman:)