W. and Punisher: War Zone

Stubby Movie Reviews: W. and Punisher: War Zone

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Last night, I finally saw two movies I’ve been meaning to see for months now. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t fit them into my busy schedule which is usually full because of my need to watch One Tree Hill, Lost, Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, and 24. I digress.

W. and Punisher: War Zone

First, I saw Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic, “W.” It’s a fascinating movie that shows us glimpses of Dubya’s eventful life, from his frat boy days up to the invasion of Iraq. I thoroughly loved the cast and their magnificent performances, especially that of Josh Brolin. Man, there were moments that I thought I was watching a documentary. He knocked it out of the ballpark, this role. The movie kind of fell flat near the end, but it definitely made me appreciate, if not respect, the Bush family more. Also, props to Thandie Newton for an enjoyable Condeleezza Rice performance.

After watching a man looking for purpose and direction getting into all kinds of hijinks, I watched a man who punches people’s faces off. Punisher: War Zone is like a zombie movie without zombies. The violence is almost cartoony in a way. That’s why I FUCKING LOVE IT. We may have seen this plot way too many times before (usually in 80’s action movies), but goddamn it, Frank Castle blew up a parkour guy in midair. As for the cast, well, people say Ray Stevenson is too quiet and emotionless to be the Punisher. These people probably haven’t read a Punisher comic before. Of the three Punishers we’ve seen on film, I like Ray Stevenson the most. He’s just perfect for the role. Dominic West’s Jigsaw didn’t really do it for me, though, but it was nice to see his and his lunatic brother’s shenanigans as a foil to the Punisher’s brooding Angel of Death aura. I’ll get this on DVD.

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