Stubby Movie Reviews: Super and Superheroes

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I don’t know why but I decided to watch 2 movies about ordinary people dressing up as superheroes to fight crime and help people, but I did. Here’s what I think of Super and Superheroes.



Believe it or not, Rainn Wilson does a really good job at playing a sad and disturbed dude — who is also a total whack job. I mean, before your brain even decides on how hard you’ll laugh, you’re already thinking that this dude is nuts. Not funny nuts, but he’s-going-to-murder-me-when-I’m-in-the-shower-I-just-know-it nuts. Ellen Page turns up the crazy too by channeling the Joker and Stephanie Brown Robin at the same time. WITH X-23′S CLAWS. It’s violent and disturbing and it makes you doubt your own psychology because you constantly evaluate your reaction to various scenes of madness and sadness.



While Super treats real life superheroics as a plot device, this documentary makes it the heart and soul of its narrative. In the first half or so of this film, all I could think about was the sad lives these people are living. I felt pity and a very strong sense of HAHA THESE PEOPLE ARE FOOLS! And then Michael Bernett steers the absurd nature of these real life superheroes into inspirational territory.

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t see people getting hurt, though. Come on, untrained geeks wearing ridiculous costumes wandering into crime-infested streets? Somebody’s bound to get hurt. But I’m glad no one got shot or something because these real life superheroes are actually inspiring. For a moment there, I seriously considered fighting crime while wearing a stupid costume. Then again, I consider doing that every single day.

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