Stubby Movie Review: Chronicle

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For people who are used to reading stories about people getting superpowers from strange objects that crash landed on Earth like me, Chronicle only offers the “found footage” approach as something new. In some instances, the “found footage” element totally feels forced and unnecessary. However, it does add some level of awe to scenes were the kids are using their telekinesis, even though most of these superpower scenes look totally fake, which beats the whole purpose of the “found footage” gimmick.

The plot is as basic as it gets: three kids gain telekinesis after dicking around with a seemingly alien object that fell to Earth; they dick around with telekinesis by scaring little girls and shoving an automobile into a lake with the driver still in it; they fly; and then, well, absolute power corrupts. It’s not as compelling as I thought it would be, but I did like the climactic fight scene presented through multiple perspectives. That was kind of cool.

Overall, I liked it. I like how it touches on one of our deepest and most secret desires: to gain abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Not everyone will get the urge to fight crime if they get superpowers. Most of us would probably just do what these Chronicle kids did: dick around until somebody ends up in the hospital — or in a casket. And that’s a scary thought. So thank you, Chronicle. Thank you for letting us shine a light on one of our most selfish and disturbing desires with the help of a tired storytelling gimmick.

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