Afro Samurai

Stubby Movie Review: Afro Samurai – Resurrection

Gino Carteciano Movies, Stubby Movie Reviews 6 Comments


This movie just reminded me why I have a love-hate relationship with anime. First, let me tell you the things that I like about Afro Samurai: Resurrection:

  • a be-afroed samurai dude who cuts up people like they’re nothing
  • a samurai dude wearing a teddy bear head
  • a group of vengeful cyborg samurais
  • a hot psychotic chick with huge knockers

And now for the things I don’t like:


I mean, seriously. I love the crazy characters and the awesome battles, but I just can’t stand all the posturing and the looooooooooong repetitive monologues. Oy. It was annoying.