Splintr: Taking Local Indie Bands to the People

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Splintr.com is designed to be the hub for music lovers that showcases music and videos of local independent bands. It is a hip place for fans to see their favorite bands perform both live & in practice sessions. All videos are produced by Splintr which uses professional camera crews to film bands at gigs and during special “Sessions” (soon to launch) to create the highest possible quality. The site’s content is exclusively produced, maintained, and uploaded by Splintr to create a streamlined, professional and clutter-free website.

After reading this short description of the site, I thought “Local independent bands. Hmm. I’m not really sure if it’s going to leave me cold and suicidal or ready to melt in a blazing inferno of ROCK.” So I went to the site and BAM! Wolfgang rocking my face with “Halik ni Hudas”! I love the site already.

The videos are of good quality. Well, as good quality as you can get with performances shot in a dark room. But yeah, the videos are watchable and they’re streamed in a pretty decent speed. So far. I can imagine a little slowness creeping in once people start to flock to the site.

There’s not a lot on the site right now, but its simplicity may become its hook for fans who just want to get their faces melted. The straightforward navigation makes it easy to get used to the site, although as their videos pile up, this simple navigation scheme may prove to be counter-intuitive. They’ll probably put up a search feature soon.

It currently has a Rocker’s Journal, which is obviously a blog. DUH. It also has a Gig Schedule section. Guess what that’s for. Rounding out the site sections are the Rants & Raves section for user comments, the Featured Artist section that lists the videos of the current spotlighted artist, and the Playlist section, which is basically a directory of all the videos in the site. Upcoming features include studio session videos and MP3 downloads.

taken by carsThe Featured Artist and Playlist sections require you to register an account, which is honestly a hassle. Do we really need to fill out all the fields in that registration form? Because really, with the current features of the site, I don’t think that amount of information is necessary.

Aside from featuring and promoting indie bands on the site, Splintr is also looking for other ways to support these shining knights of OPM (who I believe will slay the evil dragons called Show Bands and Novelty Acts). An example of this brave effort is their promo to support the CD launch of Taken By Cars:

Within each new Taken By Cars CD is a promo card with instructions directing the person to a specially designed TBC page. Once there, they will be prompted to enter the secret access code printed on the card. Once entered, a specially remixed track from one of the TBC songs is automatically downloaded for free.

It’s still a new site and there’s still a lot of room for improvements, but I see Splintr either as the beacon of ROCK on which fans and artists can come together, or as the future nesting grounds for the r0kkeRzZzZ \m/ . Let’s all hold each other’s hands, close our eyes, bow our heads, and pray that it’s the former.



  1. Yo!! This is site is awesome!! I checked it out and LOVE the layout. Totally clean and clutter-free! Unlike so many music sites here. They apparently have some HUGE plans in the works (I heard from a friend who knows the creators) for the next few months. Cant wait to see it. Forget "rock on", its "SPLINTR ON!" now!!

  2. Hey! Big changes in store for splintr for March. Expect a very cool redesign and lots more content. You have to see it!


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