Song of Life: Ma Boy by Sistar19

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Every song can be an inspirational one. Even the most annoying song you have ever heard can mean something special for someone somewhere. This is my philosophy. Songs about life — yours in particular — can come from the most unlikely of places. They move you. They give meaning to your life at the moment or in general. They give life. These songs speak to you with their lyrics or their beats. Or maybe through their really pleasing music videos. With that said, here’s Ma Boy by Sistar19 — a song that speaks to me right now:

I have no idea what this song is about. I can tell that it’s about a boy, but other than that, nothing. But it moves me. Every part of me. Truly, a song of life. It just goes to show that language is not a barrier when it comes to music, especially when it involves hot gyrating girls.

And yes, I also think that the doll’s right arm almost looks like a penis. Or at least a dildo.


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