WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Mark Henry

Short Spoilers for WWE Night of Champions 2011

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I still think that Money in the Bank is the best 2011 WWE PPV so far but WWE Night of Champions 2011 has its amusing moments. It was slightly disappointing mostly because some matches had unsatisfying endings while others just didn’t have impact. If you still haven’t seen it and you can’t wait for the replay, here be spoilers.

Air Boom v. The Miz & R-Truth

As usual, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne amazes. The Miz and R-Truth aren’t too shabby either. Unfortunately, the match ends in a DQ which is the most annoying way to end a match next to a count-out. Air Boom retains the Tag Team Championship. Miz and Truth beat up a ref.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - The Miz and R-Truth

Cody Rhodes v. Ted DiBiase

The Legacy boys go at it in a snorefest match. Don’t get me wrong, they have awesome moves. Their storyline is just not that compelling to inspire much fanfare. This match also ends in an unsatisfying way with a stupid roll-up. What a waste. Rhodes loses the mask but wins the match to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Sheamus and Christian Kill Time

This PPV’s filler is brought to you by a Brogue Kick to Christian’s FACE.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Christian and Sheamus

Dolph Ziggler v. John Morrison v. Alex Riley v. Jack Swagger

4-Way matches are always fun. This one’s fast and furious; too fast, if you ask me. Dolph Ziggler retains the U.S. Championship while the announcers retain their belief that they need to mention “parkour” in every John Morrison match.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison

Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix

After Beth Phoenix throws Kelly Kelly around like a rag doll and with Phoenix’s hometown crowd cheering her on, it looks like we’ll have a new Divas Champion. But a quick counter gives Kelly Kelly the win, retaining her championship. What a letdown. But hey, I like watching Kelly Kelly flying around — whether she’s jumping off or she’s being suplexed from the top rope — so s’all good.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

Randy Orton v. Mark Henry

Surprisingly, this is a decent match. What’s more surprising is that Henry defeats Orton in a clean win. He finally gets to be Heavyweight Champion after 15 years of Silverback Gorilla and Sexual Chocolate shenanigans.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Mark Henry


Cena wins to become WWE Champion. Again. Snore.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Alberto Del Rio and John Cena

Triple H v. CM Punk

Now this one’s a clusterfuck — in a good way. The match is not as violent as one would expect from Triple H in a No DQ match, but it’s still pretty awesome. And then Truth and Miz arrive to crash the party. Of course they get their asses kicked by the WWE COO and CM Punk. And then John Laurinaitis arrives to act all awkward and stuff. And then Kevin Nash does an old school Outsider interference. And then he gets a sledgehammer TO THE FACE. Triple H wins after giving a Pedigree to a freshly Powerbombed Punk.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Triple H and Kevin Nash

Bottom line is it’s just your usual WWE PPV with a few surprises and a lot of groan-worthy moments. I give it 3 out of 5 Brogue Kicks To Christian’s Face.



  1. i love the wwe my name is roshan my favourite superstar is john morrison and sheamus and christian


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