SendGrid vs. 8 Other Email Marketing Tools

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I’ve written about 8 great email marketing tools (VerticalResponse, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailGen, iContact, EasyContact, eConnect Email and Sage ACT!) a few days ago and among them, I picked VerticalResponse as the best choice if you are looking for flexibility and great value. However, I missed one leading service and I’m going to fix that problem right now. Here’s my swift review of SendGrid.

SendGrid is as flexible as — or even more than — VerticalResponse thanks to its robust email infrastructure that allows any kind of usage from light to heavy. If you need to scale, SendGrid will do it for you. On top of that, their deliverability rate is kind of scary but in a good way. In terms of value, comparing their pricing with the other email marketing tools I reviewed will blow you away. You can send thousands of emails for a little under $10. WTF, right? The best thing about all of this is you can try out the SendGrid service first for free.

With a free trial account, you get access to basic deliverability features (Content Inspection, Spam Filter Testing, ISP Monitoring, etc.), flexible APIs (Web API, SMTP API, SMTP Relay, etc.), basic and advanced reporting/analytics and full tech support (Live Chat, Email, Forums, Twitter, etc.). You will practically have full access to all the SendGrid features. The only limitation you will have is the number of emails you can send per month day which is 200 (thanks for the clarification, timfalls).

If you are just starting out in email marketing, signing up for a free trial account is a good way to test out the email marketing waters. Of course, if you’re already running your email marketing campaigns using other tools, this is a smart way to find out if SendGrid fits your needs better than your current service provider. Just click on the image below, sign up and check out the set of features and see if it’s a better fit for you.

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  1. You are coming apples and oranges. VerticalResponse, GetResponse etc are all email management tools – so your first review makes sense. SendGrid or Amazon SES (cheaper) is an transactional email provider – if you would like to send email from yoru application or service – that's the way to go.

    So if you are using SendGrid for sending newsletters, you should get into managing – managing list, unsubscribes/subscriptions and all shebang.

  2. Both Amazon SES and SendGrid Lite are 10 cents per 1000 emails; Amazon SES is not cheaper. SendGrid is primarily transactional, but also handles list management, unsubscribes etc, and provides APIs for those components as well.

    1. I find better than both as the pricing is same for all 3, but the advantage with emailocean is that you get a webaopp to send and track your campaigns. Plus its not just transacti0on emailing, it also supports promotional emailing.

  3. Hi there,

    One vendor you could have mentioned is Mailjet :) As evoked in some comments, Vertical Response etc. don't provide exactly the same kind of service.

    On our side we send both transactional & marketing emails. The basic user can get a free account and send 6,000 emails per month (200 per day limit). He could use our wysiwyg Newsletter tool etc. While the user with more needs could get a dedicated IP, use our API etc.

    In any case, all our customers get access to some analytics & graphs to follow up and closely monitor their sending.

    We'll be releasing a new stat section in the following days that will really appear as… unique, intuitive & very powerful.

    Don't hesitate to check us out!

  4. Hello,

    Another one that I found the other day is

    It provides you with a WebApp to send and track your campaign and the pricing is just $0.10 per 1000 emails.

  5. This mohit’s email ocean service seems to be dead already? I found that AuthMailer ( ) could be one of the cheapest services for basic transactional email. However it doesn’t have list managements etc. Any other suggestions?

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