Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

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I got an email from Jeff Yang, Editor-in-Chief of Secret Identities, that contains exciting news for Asian American comic book creators.

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology has been picked up by The New Press for a Fall 2008 release. Several top talents from the mainstream comics industry have already agreed to contribute stories to the collection, including writer Greg Pak (World War Hulk) and artist Sean Chen (Iron Man). However, the collection is still open for contributions from Asian American artists and writers from within or outside the comics industry who are interested in exploring the superhero genre.

Interested artists must submit art samples, and writers must submit story ideas, by no later than October 15th, 2007 to be considered for the anthology. All characters and stories included in the collection must be original to their creators and previously unpublished in any venue. The collection is intended to be creator-owned: Contributors will retain all rights to characters, depictions, backgrounds, marks, and storylines associated with their submissions.

You can go to their Submit page for more information.

What types of stories does the collection feature?

“If you’re an Asian American writer/artist, author, performer, director – or have always just wanted to create a comic… we want to hear from you,“ says art director Jerry Ma. “We’re looking for fun, illuminating and imaginative stories that live in the ‘superhero’ world while exploring the idea of the extraordinary side of ordinary Asian Americans.”

Thank you, Art Director Jerry Ma! And here are some examples of submitted stories to date:

  • “9066”: A Nisei superhero finds himself facing internment during WWII despite his powers and status as a crusader for justice.
  • “The Hibakusha”: The children of the survivors of Hiroshima experience strange side effects.
  • “Peril”: The son of an unjustly accused Chinese American scientist must use his father’s inventions to clear his father’s name.
  • “Driving Steel”: The legend of John Henry is well known: the African American rail worker who beat the steam engine by driving spikes with a sledgehammer in each hand. But did John Henry have a partner, and why is he absent from the legends that have been passed down through time?
  • “A Day at CostumeCo.”: A tongue-in-cheek look at an Asian American suburban supermom and her quest to get her two paranormally-super powered teens through a day of shopping at the local big-box hero outfitter.

Sounds interesting, eh? You can read the whole press release at their website. You can also get a sneak peek (PDF) of the anthology from Angry Asian Man. The sneak peek includes that awesometacular Y-Men image. I RIKEE!!!


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