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Secret Avengers #1: The Secret Is Out

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The secret is out; Secret Avengers is my favorite among all the new Avengers titles. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit because New Avengers and Avengers Academy haven’t even dropped yet, but still. I’m guessing I’ll like Secret more than the rest of them and I’m going to tell you why right now. By the way, I don’t think I’ll spoil the story for you but I don’t know what counts as a spoiler for you people. So, yeah. Just in case…

The first thing I loved about this new title is the team roster. It’s not just a collection of the most popular Marvel characters. The roster actually makes sense for a stealth team. Well, except for Valkyrie. And War Machine. And Nova. But I guess they do need firepower, military skills and some muscle.

I couldn’t have thought of forming an Avengers team like this in my mind. Yes, I do create rosters of Avengers in my head when I’m bored. I mean, who doesn’t? But that’s not the point. What I’m saying here is this is a fresh take on the Avengers franchise and it will be pretty interesting to see where they take this concept. Speaking of pretty interesting…

Ed Brubaker is the writer on this book. He’s the same dude who killed Steve Rogers, made Bucky the new Captain America and didn’t piss anyone off while doing all of that. Well, he probably pissed off a few people, but the general opinion is he did a pretty awesome job in that passing of the torch, or shield, story. With Steve leading this group of Avengers with Sharon Carter, the same chick who “killed” him, I’m expecting more awesome Steve Rogers moments in the coming months.

Beast is another character I’m very eager to see in this book. As much as I love seeing him telling Scott Summers that he’s a dick, I’ve always been waiting for Hank McCoy to come back to being an Avenger, even a secret one. He’s definitely going to bring some class to the group. As far as face punching goes, I expect that to be provided by Valkyrie.

I don’t know much about her except she’s Asgardian and she likes punching fat perverts, but I’m looking forward to her butt-kicking adventures as part of this Avengers team. I’m also looking forward to the fun and refreshing character interactions like this one involving Ant-Man and Moon Knight:

It’s sort of surreal seeing these two together on a mission and I’m excited to see more strange pairings like this. I’m easily entertained, OK?

Speaking of Ant-Man, the Irredeemable One has always fascinated me ever since I first saw him in action in Avengers: The Initiative. He’s always been the douchebag and the reluctant hero so seeing him as an Avenger should be entertaining. He’s the “new guy” to this whole Avengers business so I guess he’ll be the voice of the readers as Steve Rogers’ Secret Avengers sail off to uncharted Avengers territory.

I can’t talk about this new title without talking about Mike Deodato. The first time he caught my attention was, coincidentally, in the first volume of Avengers. You know, that era when Janet Van Dyne was a freaky half-human half-wasp chick and the Scarlet Witch was still not totally insane? Deodato’s art has gotten a whole lot darker since then, and I like it. I like it a lot.

This is the first time I felt really satisfied with the Heroic Age ever since it started. I just wish the rest of the Avengers books will be as fascinating as this one. I guess there’s nothing left to say but “I can’t wait for the next issue!” Oh wait, there’s one more thing. I liked the part where Nova was fighting ancient tanks on the surface of Mars before punching a hole into a mountain.



  1. I LOVED Secret Avengers 1. It's like… Brubabker can do no wrong (well, except for X-Men). I'm actually interested in what's going to happen in this book, instead of the Next Avengers bullshit in the main Avengers book.

  2. I'm still waiting for my copy. But I've been looking forward to reading it since I saw the roster. I've been intrigued with its roster ever since I saw Moon Knight with them.

    And yeah, I agree with Ade above, that the whole Next Avengers on the main Avengers title is just BS.


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