blingstravaganza with mr. t

Screenshot of Blingstravaganza with Mr. T

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Okay, Janette Toral. You asked for it, YOU GOT IT!

blingstravaganza with mr. t

This is a screen shot of Blingstravaganza with Mr. T, one of my homebrew Atari 2600 games. This part of the game is where we bring the pain to the evil Ku Klux King to reclaim Mr. T’s bling-blings. The guy in red is me, the dude in blue is Mr. T. You can’t see most of him because he’s black.

i can has praiz?

Seriously, thanks for the linkage. It’s not often that a link to one of your posts gets bundled with links about the Wowowee scam, Malu Fernandez, and Pau throwing a tantrum.




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