Axe Anarchy Island - Sexy Saves Boracay

Save Boracay! Sexily.

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I’ve never been to Boracay but I can tell from my friends’ Facebook *~bOrA~* pics that there’s a lot of shenanigans going on over there. Sexy shenanigans. Unfortunately, that’s not the only kind of questionable act you can find on that island. Dickbags leave garbage in paradise, you guys, and it needs to stop.

Save Boracay

There are four things you can do to help. First, don’t be a dick if you’re visiting Boracay. Dispose of your garbage properly. Anyone can do it. You can even do it when you’re stupidrunk. Maybe.

Second, actually help in cleaning up the island. Pick up other people’s shit. Not literally, though. That’s disgusting.

Third, if you see an asshole littering, kick them in the nads. Or in the vaj. Then call them an asshole.

Finally, you can just donate money so other people can do the clean-up work for you. That being said, here’s one way to give money to save Boracay — sexily:

Axe Anarchy Island - Sexy Saves Boracay

Axe Philippines is going to help your lazy ass donate to a worthy cause which is, obviously, cleaning up Boracay. They’re kicking off their awesome mission with a bikini car wash. Let me say that again, but this time, in all caps: BIKINI CAR WASH. The event is on October 27, 2012 at Aseana City. Here’s how it works:

The top 70 registrants through will get a car wash by the Axe Girls in exchange for a 250-peso donation to the cause. All proceeds from the car wash will be matched by AXE Philippines with one peso donated by Axe for every peso raised during the event. Everything will be used to fund a clean-up mission of the world’s best beach island.

To recap: Don’t be a dick, pick up people’s shit, punch assholes in their private parts, have your car washed by hot wimmens. That’s clear enough, yeah? Cool. Baddie out.

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