Rap Songs Inspired by Comics

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I will always love the marriage between comics and music. I’ve just discovered the magic of Kirby Krackle, probably the best nerd rock band out there right now. As much as I love listening to comics-based rock, I will never forget my first geek music love: rap songs inspired by comics. This sub-genre of music is ever growing and I have yet to scratch its surface. Here are a few of my favorites from rap giants and hotshot newcomers alike. Enjoy them with me, won’t you?

Nightcrawlin’ by Adam WarRock

Favorite Line: “So you dressed a little different, some called you a circus freak. Your family abandoned you up the river creek.”

Batman and Robin by Snoop Dogg feat. RBX and Lady of Rage

Favorite Line: “Get Alfred and tell him to have barbecued buffalo wings and a pitcher of Kool-Aid on chill. It’s about to get real in the field.”

The Riddler by Method Man [iTunes]

Favorite Line: “Once again it’s the mind bender, three-time felony offender. Demented, brain cemented, mixed in the blender.”

Secret Wars Part 1 by The Last Emperor

Favorite Line: “So she clocked Storm over the head with my man Wyclef’s guitar.”

Secret Wars Part 2 by The Last Emperor

Favorite Line: “As we proceed with it, Jay-Z versus Reed Richards.”

Melted Vinyl by Furthermore

Favorite Line: “Torch is in the kitchen cooking something hot and Cyclops went to 7-11 to get some eye drops.”

Girl Comics by Adam WarRock

Favorite Line: “Go ask Peter Parker if Mary Jane is all about the ass and the face.”

And now, as a special bonus, here’s a rap song actually performed by a comics character, particularly the Human Torch. RIP, bro.



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