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In less than a week, the Philippines will pick a new president. We’ll be choosing a leader who we’ll be stuck with for the next 6 long years, that is if we don’t People Power their ass out of Malacañang or something. The future of the Philippines will be decided in a few days and I still haven’t made up my mind on who I’m voting for. This is my attempt in helping myself make this important decision.

Who I’m looking for:

  • Someone who inspires trust. I know it’s a tall order since we’re talking about politicians, but being trustworthy is the first characteristic I look for in my leaders.
  • Someone who is competent. They don’t have to be insanely intelligent. I just want someone who understands what this country needs and can figure out how we’re going to get it.
  • Someone who is not hungry for power. That’s stupid considering we’re talking about people who are running for the highest office in the land, but somehow, I think I can tell who’s in it for the power and who’s in it because they really have noble intentions for the country.
  • Someone new. Fuck traditional politicians.
  • Someone who is capable of doing something about our stupid weather and other superhuman feats like eliminating corruption and poverty.

Who I’m NOT looking for:

  • Someone who thinks they’re Jesus. The salvation of this country does not lie in one person’s hands. Politicians need to stop acting like they can single-handedly bring this country to an age of Utopia.
  • Someone who has ties to the current president. Call me cynical and paranoid but I just can’t trust someone who’s supported by Gloria.
  • Erap.
  • Someone who doesn’t have charisma. It’s not in any way the most important characteristic of a leader, but our next president is going to need charm, and maybe even chutzpah, to successfully navigate the local and global political jungle, as well as the hearts of the Filipino people. That last part was a little dramatic, but fuck you. This is my blog.
  • Someone who’s a little too eager to be president. Dial it down a bit, guys.

I hope I can make up my mind before May 10th. I don’t want to base my vote on a personal presidential lottery using pieces of used paper and crayons again. Too much work.

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